VF4Evo thread

yo post yall shit here p.s. this is mukai thread not gaycat’s

oh come on post some shit up:mad: well i got this link check it out http://virtuafighter.com/media/

I love this game with a fucking passion. Every time I pop it in my tray I’m blown away by the graphics. How they managed to make that shit look so good on the PS2 boggles the mind. Also, anybody who doesn’t own this game is a fucking idiot, strait up. $20 for a game this good is re-fucking-diculus.

Currently I’m trying to play a lot of Akida. My main character is Lei-Fei however, in all fighting games I like to get a broad perspective of as many characters as I can. Only before I go into tourneys do I hardcore practice my skills on Mr. Fei.

One of the really great things about the game is the fact that the accessories DON’T EFFECT YOUR CHARACTERS STRENGTH OR DEFENCE. One of the things I truly fucking hate about SC2 on the console is the fact that my extra weapons effect my skills. That makes you, the player, more dependent on something instead of your actual skill. When I use Lei-Fei, I like seeing the little blue monkey on his calf, knowing that when I beat a level 10 Dan Akira it’s my own skill, not due to the cute monkey.

There is, unfortunetly, very few players in Tennesse. What’s even more sucky, is the fact that the closest arcade to me only cares VF4, not EVO. In addition, the people that play T4 and MvC2 suck ass, and I’m not even good at thoes games. What I’m most excited about however is Final Tuned comming out (http://virtuafighter.com/versuscity/showflat.php?Board=News&Number=100571). If they keep everything the same, in addition to balanceing the game EVEN MORE then I’ll be a happy camper.

If I had to pick one thing about this game that rocked the most, it would have to be that there is zero tiers. None. I’ve even seen a few vids of some hardcore Brad players. Every other fighting game out there has a hardcore tier, but with VF4 there isn’t one.

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i’m glad someone post in this thread

VF4: Evo is the best 3D fighter out there. SCII is great, but screw it, the game is WAY overrated. Thanks for that VF4: Evo link. Finally, a place to go to get good info on that masterpiece.

you i’m goin to start playin it hardcore? lets keep this thread alive

I’m stuck on Quest Mode as Pai. I’m at Club Sega and to get into the next tournament I have to complete 4 Quest Orders or whatever there called. Problem is no matter how far I go I never get any Quest orders to do! I think one time I fought 15 opponents and not a single Quest Order was issued. What’s the deal?:frowning:

You have to remember to actually CHOOSE a quest and then complete it. Regardless of how many peeps you beat, you still have to do what is required in the actuall quests.

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D’oh! :bluu: Aw, man! How could I not know that? Well thanks for clearing that up.

God damn I love lei fei. I’m trying to figure out how the hell I kicked somebody out over the rail on the water stage. God damn I laughed my ass off the first time I did it.

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How do you get rid of King Tut’s Mask. If you get triple perfected (easy to do in Seesaw Game) you get stuck with the mask you can’t take off.

Ruined a character of mine.

With Lei? u/f+K near the wall.

I think you only need to win a round w/an excellent then go on to win that match. http://virtuafighter.com/vf4/ then in the evo documents go to VF4 Evo Items FAQ.

hey i just gotinto this game a few weeks ago, so now i’m official since i started putting money into the machine to actual win in it now.

as a newbie…

what should i know? i play jeffery, so how do u use him and what r his strengths?

i get beat up by random lei fei players… i cant see to get throws off. should i be waiting alot more when i play for jeff?

Well, i don’t really play Jeff, but I can give you a few tips/combos.

Good combos:

counter hit b+K, d+K+G (very little damage, but it’s B&B)
f+K, d+P, f,f+PP (replace that d+P with P if it’s a counter hit)
f+P+K, f,f+PP (this is good if you’re at a distance)
d/f+K+G, u+K+G
b,f+P, KKP (this does a lot of damage)
full charge d/b+[K], f,f+PP
b,f,f+P+K, KKP (won’t hit a lot but does huge damage)

Basic strat:

Jeff has powerful combos and powerful throws. But a lot of his moves are punishable on block, and he is not very fast (his P is 1 frame slower than the norm, and his fastest mid, b+K, is throw counterable).

Basic strat with Jeff is using a lot of annoying delayed strings such as f,f+PP and b,d/f+PP. Do f,f+P, they block it, but they have to guess if you’re going to do the second P or not. If they try to sttack they’ll get it by the 2nd P. Once you get them to start freezing up, start throwing (d/f,d/f+P+G is the best). So do f,f+P, then make them guess between the 2nd P and throw.

f+K is going to be your main big combo starter. Anytime you get a low P counter hit or a high P hit, try for a f+K and throw mixup.

I’m going to touch on b,f+P a bit since I think it’s an awesome move. It’s special high, which means it can be ducked under like other high moves, but if your opponent does a low P (or something that usually goes under highs), as long as b,f+P comes out first, they’re going to get counter hit as if they did a standing move or something. Also, it’s not throw counterable if they block it standing. And it’s half circular (they have to sidestep it to Jeff’s front, or else they’ll get hit).

Also, if you land a b+P, you can go for a ground pickup (d or d/f+P+G). Afterwards the oppenent is in a stagger and you can force guessing games. Either throw or f+K. If the person is doing evade-throw escapes, you can also do a delayed f+K to hit them in the middle of their sidestep. You can also use b,f+P - it will beat all attacks, as well as catching evades to the wrong side.

In general, do a LOT of P and low P - they are your friends! Do them a lot!

As for Lei, he is tough to throw in general. If they keep attacking, try f+K after you block something, or evade a move and do f+K. Then when (and IF) they start freezing up, expecting a f+K, then throw them. But it’s a tough match in general because to fight against Lei you pretty much have to learn all his stuff ( that’s true for a characters, but especially Lei), and on top of that, Jeff is a very hard character to start with. Good luck!

If anyone has any questions I would be happy to answer them.

EDIT: Everdred, your location says Miami FL? If you are there you should track down IMF. He goes by “Tetsusaruken” on the www.virtuafighter.com boards. He is very very good and Fl has a good Vf scene in general. Also, if you are in NYC, the players there are very good too. See if you can track down AdamYUKI or Konjou Akira (provided you don’t already know them). Both NYC and FL have very good VF players, so you are in good company.

thanx for the info, is FFPP a better combo ender than BD+FPP?

what do those ny vf players look like? i played some of them and got trashed at cf.

b,d/f+PP does 1 more point of damage. There’s other stuff you can do too. Like if you’re in open stance you can do

counter hit f+K, P, KKP - does like 50%!

Konjou is a black dude, average build, plays Akira. Nelson/Ghetto Shun is a black dude, thin build and a goatee, plays Vanessa. Adam Yuki is Indian (I think…as in South Asian Indian, not Native American). He is skinny and short, wears glasses and has long hair, plays Jeffery. Then there is Kazu, he is a short Japanese dude who plays Lau.

But from what I hear the NYC scene is seperated between CTF and console players, so I’m not sure if those guys play there a lot.

open stance? take it slow, i’m a scrub.

Open/closed stance is just the oreintation of both characters feet. You know how all the character always have one foot in front and one in back? Here is my best explination:

Here are both characters’ foot position when the round starts (top down view)R is a right foot and L is a left:

—R----------L - this is closed stance

R---------L---- - this is also closed stance

—R------L---- - this is open stance

R-------------L - this is also open stance

Basically, if you see two fronts or two backs, that’s open. If you see one front and one back, that’s closed.

Don’t worry about watching stance right now, but it’s good to know how it works for future reference. The only reason I mentioned that combo is because it does a shit ton of damage.

Here is another awesome one:

counter hit f+K, P, d+P+K, u+P (pounce) - does more than 50%. The d+P+K will slam them to the ground, giving you the pounce for free. You CAN techroll air slams, but the timing is very strict, so most players will miss the tech even if they know they can do it.

Basically, Jeff sucks. Sorry, but it’s true.

Of course, that’s relatively speaking. It’s still possible to win with him (as it is with anybody in this game) but you have to play somewhat machi (boring/defensively) to do so due to his lack of safety…

And make sure you are willing to put a LOT of time into this game, it takes mad dedication. That’s why I’ve quit, I can’t do this ALONG with GGXX and 3s.

Hell, look at Japan, the only elite player who’s good at anything else is Nuki. And he’s given up somewhat on Capcom games in order to get as good as he is at this.