VF5 360 stick coming



More modding for you guys.


oh shit 0_0

ehhh i still <3 my ps3 :slight_smile:


Oh Snaps


duuuuuuuude don’t give in !!!





Too bad it’s not the Virtua Stick High Grade. No way Hori would sell an all Sanwa joystick for $60. It better not be the DoA4 stick with a Virtua Fighter decal.


If Sega is letting Hori do a VF5 licensed stick there probably won’t be any VSHG 360. At $60 this is probably nothing more than the same form factor as DOA4/FS3 with different motif and button mapping.


Probably will be the same as this thing:



nah i bet it’ll look like an fs3


If this is gonna be the same thing as the hori VF5 stick for PS3, why is it $60, instead of $50?

I really hope it’s something more, but not counting on it.


god I hope not. I hope they know they will sell so many more of them if they are six+ buttons. Especially with ST HD coming out soon.

I love that stick for VF though.


i’ve got like $250 on me right now


give blood ^^


I like this review:

“This is the best arcade stick in this market. I’m going to purchase for sure since it’s limited edition.”


Thank god! Like others have said I really hope it has a six button layout, even if the buttons will have to be remapped.


hmmmmm interesting.


its doa stick with different decals. That’s my take. Might but prob won’t be a hori


yes it will ^^


ok, it’s a hori (prob) :smile:


well it says right there “hori” haha