VF5:FS XBL/PSN Online Matchmaking Thread

Just one thread so people can match up to play whether it be Xbl/PSN

Name: Bacardi
XBL Gamertag: New Challengers

West LA
PSN: d0c_zaius

XBL: BullDancer

East Coast…

Hit me up…

PSN: mmking9999
Location: Canada (Toronto)

XBL mortonsBiGnAsTy
location south texas

XBL Sage18
Montreal, Canada


PSN: Haruhater
Location: Europe

XBL: Sutter Pain

PSN: ChungkingXPress
Toronto, Canada

XBL: Jin Masters

USA New York

PSN: ParryPerson
Shreveport Louisiana

PSN ID: Cmckinney94
Location: California

PSN ID: MonkeyKing-X
Location: Sector Z

PSN: SPTwhte
Live: Spootz
Location: East Coast

Skill Level: trash tier

If you send a FR, then let me know that you are from SRK. I don’t add randoms.

Location: California, USA

I’m just getting into the game, so please excuse my scrubitude. I play El Blaze.

PSN: X_the_Genius
Loc: New York

PSN: Hawkingbird
Location: New York

PSN: TyrannicalHatred
Location: Pembroke Pines, FL.

I’ll be online in a couple of days.

PSN ID: Hecatom
Location: El Salvador, Central America