VF5:FS XBL/PSN Online Matchmaking Thread


XBL: Docp78
Location: CO
Just started today. Looking for people to help me level up and of course some friendly competition.


PSN: Washow_
Location: CA
Playing Akira. Not very good at VF but I play tekken so it’s familiar


PSN: Looper2000
Location: BC, Canada
VF5 FS is all i play nowadays. Over 800 games, add me for some fun matches.


PSN: sonnywortzik
Loc: Northern Nevada
Lucha is the life for me.


Loc:South Carolina.


PSN: bpack2
XBL: bpack12
Loc: Oklahoma City, OK
I’m also looking for some offline games so if you are in or around the OKC metro area hit me up.


Live: PointBreak91
Loc: EU
Plays: Pai, Aoi, Eileen and will probably try and lean Vanessa a bit in this one as well.

Happy to play Ranked, Player or Room, whatever, game looks and feels amazing in HDMI with a Sanwa stick, so just wanna play it! I’m on a wired and prioritised 10meg down, 1mb up line, so if it’s two full green bars and there’s lag or delay, the issue is probably at your end. People with the orange or red disconnect face icons will be put on avoid, cheers.


XBL: Phish75
Location: La Grande, Oregon
Skill level: Competitive but not necessarily good.


XBL: ylyon
Location: Italy
Characters: Pai, Lau

I’m still learning (or I should say re-learning) the game :frowning: but I love it


It’s a shame. I can’t find a single person playing this right now. :frowning:

Location: South California
XBL: ParrotMan01.
Characters: Jacky, Sarah, and Lei Fei for fun.
I love this game! Come play me! I’m really bad, but I’m trying to learn! :slight_smile:


3S:OE, HD Remix, and VF5: FS are all half off on XBL this week for Gold members. Looks like a good opportunity for people to pick these games up! Here’s the link for proof: http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-US/Promotion/dealoftheweek

Also, XBL: Leakey88


Snagged it from the sale, brand new to VF, lookin for some people to help me get in the swing of things.

XBL: Buffalabr0
Playing Eileen.


xbl: new challengers

add me im trying to get back into the swing of things


XBL: ProChristus107<div>Location: NOLA</div><div>Learning Eileen</div><div><br></div><div>I’m usually on evenings roughly 7-10pm CST. Prefer Ranked</div>


PSN: TheBeast52
Loc: SoCal
Chars: Kage, Jean, Lion


Psn: kjay62
xbl: kjeino901tn
loc. Tennessee
chars. Vanessa, sarah, akira, Brad

Doesn’t matter what type of match… just want games


Feel free to add me, crunky404 on PSN, for VF5:FA play.
I try to keep my skills OK at this game so I play regularly.


I just started :frowning: average player.
Jacky player btw.
tag is in my sig.

  • Dollar Yen SRK on XBL. Need to practice for Toryuken. :db: I main Pai. GET IT!


The fact the last post on this thread is a couple of years old might answer my question but I still can’t help but wonder. I’ve wanted to play Virtua Fighter for a while, and it’s really cheap on Xbox One for backwards compatibility, so I was wondering how alive, if at all, the online multiplayer was?