VF5 needs someone to run it at NWM

Does anyone want to run VF5 at the tournament? It is going to be run at the same time as Tekken and CVS2 in the morning (I will post the schedule soon and see how everyone feels about it) and still needs someone to run it. Anyone up for it?

What tourneys need directors besides VF? 3S and CvS2 need people to run those don’t they??


I wouldn’t mind co-running the tournament with a Seattle player.

I’m hesitant to commit 100% because I probably wouldn’t arrive early enough (I tend to believe that coordinators should be very early and know the layout of the place well ahead of time) and I don’t know if I’ll have enough energy to fully run the event and drive to and from Seattle.

And of course, I want to give full priority to any Seattle player that would like to step up to the plate. I am happy they are doing the PNW Majors and very happy that they are including VF5.

Heck, I feel like I should try to get Renzo from NorCal to come up to the event (he plays other games as well including Guilty Gear).


That would be awesome.

Is it me? It’s me… isn’t it? What the heck, I already took over running the preppy’s VF tournies cause everyone else is a flake, I can do this one too.

But, that said, I still don’t really know anything about directing tournaments… if you’re willing to hang around and give pointers, Chanchai, I would not turn down the offer.

I’m no expert on Tourneys either, though I’ve run a couple. But I’ll be happy to work with you on the VF tournament. I can help you out with some of the seeding (we’d need to collaborate) and aside from that, it usually runs pretty well. VF tourneys can run really fast if scheduled appropriately.


I really want all of the people running the tournaments to pick a time and meet up before the tournament to review; How to run a brackets, seed players and do buys, and generally the best way to keep the tournament flowing so that we don’t end up lagging. If everyone could agree on the amount of time they will wait for a player until they throw a match, that would help out a lot.

Hopefully some of the more experienced tournament runners like Mandel and Nate can help out with any questions.

If they’re not there within five minutes of being called, we’ll skip the match and set up a different match. If we can’t continue without that match and they’re not there in another 5-10 minutes, they probably should have stuck around for such an important match. That’s the way I see it. We’re a flaky bunch and I’m really not into waiting around because other people didn’t want to wait.

EDIT: Then again there were some discrepencies with people being like OMFG I WAS HERE YOU DID NOT CALL MY NAME but now we have a PA system so if you can’t hear that, you just suck.

I’ll run it together with Chanchai!

Good too see that so many people are willing to help with VF.

Just so that everyone remembers, we still only have 1 360 loaned.