VF5 on PS2? Errrrrrrr?


that can’t be correct, right?

Probably not…
But what got me goin was the kyoto arc rurouni kenshin game…
Looks hot.
I also see Melty Blood AC is coming out 8/10

There’s no way VF5 is coming to the PS2. Just isn’t gonna happen. Lik-San have their info wrong. The actual rumours are that it’s coming to PS3 exclusively in Spring 2007.

that’s what i thought… but i wanted to make sure with the SRK ppl first

Ps2 > Ps3

PS3 WIP screenshots here:

Wikipedia article here:

100% confirmed it’s a PS3-exclusive title. It will not be released on any other console, either next-gen or last-gen. Ditto for Tekken 6 when it appears.


If you’re a PS3 buyer, that’s what one would hope, but as is usually the case nowadays that “exclusive” rarely means ONLY for that console and NO other, it actually means “time-limited exclusive”, ie, the rights may be bought or sold later after initial release, after a period of exclusivity on a particular format (think Resident Evil 4, think the upcoming Assassin’s Creed).

We don’t know whether VF5 will only ever be a PS3 release (despite press releases indicating so), but VF’s history has been good on Sony machines, meaning that it’s most likely to stay that way, as is the Tekken series…

One thing is for certain though, it’s not coming to current gen (PS2).

didn’t the box to RE2 for N64 say “Only for N64”?


While you are right and there is no 100% guarantee of “exclusiveness”, word on the street from some of my game dev buddies is that Sony have paid a LOT of money to make this a Sony-only title for good.

Sony are trying very hard to keep Microsoft out of Japan. Ensuring Japanese-made titles like VF5 and Tekken 6 stay Sony-only is yet another ploy to keep the Americans out. I would be VERY surprised if VF5 cropped up on any other console, considering the deals that seem to have been made over these titles, and the money that has exchanged hands.

[edit] And for the record, I am not buying a PS3. See my anti-Sony rants elsewhere on these forums. That means I miss out on Tekken 6, but I’m seriously over the crap going on at Sony HQ lately, and they can kiss my arse.

Ye I’m pretty sure Sony does pay a lot of money to keep Xbox out. Hell, 90% of the xbox360 playable demo displays are broken or are turned off… and when they are on, they put on shitty games that look like ps2 technology in HD (lately, that garbage bulletwitch)…

oh yeah !

Oooo hori stick is only 50$.

i want the ps3 because of the games that are gonna be on it but i aint got the money for it XD i’m gonna just get a wii… MGS SNAKE IN SSBB FTW

that was a funny one.

While it would sell like hot cakes, but thats like when they did VF2 on the genesis… remember that crap?

Likely a typo!!!

i thought it was especially funny since RE2 came out on PSX before it came out on N64

very true,and i also think it came out for the dreamcast before the N64? am i right or wrong? or was it the other way around.

Dreamcast: 12/22/99 (Japan)
N64: 10/31/99 (USA)
PSX: 12/31/97 (USA)
PC: 02/19/99 (Japan)

i’m going by earliest release dates… different versions were released in japan or the us first…

PC and PSX were both out before the n64 version. i forgot that the dreamcast one existed.

I wish this was true.