VF5 Online petition for Ps3

sorry I didn’t want to post this in the VF5 thread because it would’ve gotten lost in the shuffle!

Please sign if you own VF5 for the ps3, and you want an equal version to the xbox one.

online petitions always work

you trolled without blatantly yelling it out this time. good shit :tup::wonder:

the only reason id sign is for the much needed attention and recognition vf5 deserves

but ill think about it


hey it’s possible if we try. anyhow I’m hoping sega doesn’t want to alienate it’s fanbase too much. then again they already released virtua tennis 3 on ps3 without online. That game was a must buy for me until they said it didn’t have online for the ps3. Anyhow just give it a shot if you agree guys.

Online is asking too much and mostly likely suck anyway.
However, I am fully support release a version C patch for ps3.

The thread ends with this post.

PS3 has 17% marketshare right now.


I don’t think Sega is going to focus on the ps3 version of the game anymore becuase of this. I mean really.

Don’t care about online, but I’d love an update to Ver. C and the ability to transfer character profiles between PS3s.

Signed the petition anyways.

Signed for the insanely minuscule chance of a version C patch.

Man up and get a 360. :tup:

I’ll sign, but in the end a kinda don’t care what happens because I still enjoy it even without online support.


Good luck to you guys, I’d rather have all versions on the same level than have disparity.

Honestly, I’ll be pretty amazed if they do anything for the PS3 version. They already made their money with their rushed and shitty port, so I doubt they’re going to touch it again.

Of course, they might just make a patch and charge for it.

I have one; I just don’t want to search for/spend money on a fucking new DVD drive for it (MS doesn’t want to repair it because they think I tampered with it, which is retarded) just so I can buy another $60 copy of a game I already own.

Signed it. All we need now is a little hope, and a lot of luck.

If I were a PS3 owner I’d be more concerned with getting Version C. That’s much more important and much more feasible than adding online play IMO.

Petition for that.

Considering Virtua Tennis 3 didn’t have online and that shipped **day in day **with the 360 version, this is pretty much grasping at straws here guys…

You won’t get online unless sony starts hosting servers.

You could always just swap it out at Target.

I signed, now we wait.

That assumes I have the means to buy a new one in the first place. I’d rather just get mine fixed than gamble on swapping and get a new one that may very well have the same problems, if not more.

Either way, the point was that this alone is not enough to make me care about getting my 360 to work again ASAP, especially when I already own the game (fuck online play, I just want version C).

ParryAll: Regarding VT3, though the 360 version got online on day 1, AM2 themselves didn’t do the 360 port, it was done by someone else.