VF5 PS3 exclusive


Just wanted to post this so I can laugh at all you faggots who insisted - despite no official statement from Sega - that this was never going to get a console release. :smiley:

I always new it was hitting console, I’m just annoyed that it’s ps3 exclusive. I have little faith in the capabilities of the PS3 and Sony’s ability to carry it through at the moment; I was hoping Sega would open up to the 360. Ah well, who can complain about VF?

will it be online. . .


what after all their 1st set of exclusive games bomed on the Original xbox, Im glad they learned their lesson.

Thank god. No more great Sega franchises dying on the Xbox.

Must hone SPOD skillz…

Now the big question, will our nifty PS2 sticks work on PS3?

I haven’t paid much attention, have they released any controller format info?

Yeah, now they can die on the Playstation like Altered Beast

I don’t think the problem was the console, I think the problem was sega in general

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I myself used to wonder why people were so fucking retarded when it came to this subject.

Apparently the Xbox boards are saying VF is garbage and that they would rather have Killer Instinct anyway…:rofl:

I think a big reason why it’s not gonna be on 360 is becuase it’s not gonna be online. Many people aren’t gonna buy a fighting game on the 360 without having online play.

Killer Instinct ??? lol dont worry im sure the 360 will get a mame mod, fools Killer Instinct 3 would be shit, they would problay have 1button do a 60hit plus combo or something.

“JERUS!!!”- terry bogard MI2 engrish

And Shinobi.

Umm did anyone actually look at the screen shots? They look like shit.

Early or not that doesn’t instill confidence.

I’m sure it will look as good as the arcade version when it’s released a year from now.

It will look better than the arcade version. The arcade version is running on a Nvidia 6800 GT. The game looks good, but I have seen better.

As for online… frankly, I don’t think either 360 or PS3 could handle VF5 acceptably for online play. It’s just too precise to overcome even slight lag. I’d rather have no online play than a dumbed down “just for goofing around” sort of gameplay where you can’t play a serious match because your timing is just a fraction off in a game that demands perfect timing.

You’d rather have nothing than something which, if it turns out to be bad, you can just ignore anyway? Please let’s not get into this retarded argument again.

Sounds like Sony throwing more money around out of fear of losing sales to the 360 version.

It’s not about handling it, it’s about getting more people to play it. Fair or not online play is becoming a “standard offering” and games will be penalized from a lack of it. I could easily see some consoles trying to enforce online play and excluding titles that don’t have it because it wouldn’t negatively impact their image.

Pretty flowery CG ending sequences have been standard offerings for years, and Sega has never really cared. I’m sure they’ll provide the game that they want to.