VF5 stick request

whats going on guys. im going to make a new stick out of metal right but im not sure how big to make it. so i was looking around the net different stick and i came across the virtual fighter 5 stick and i think its got perfect demensions for a metal stick.

my request is for anyone who has this stick and can take a tape measure and jot down the demensions for me and post them up on this thread i would highly appreciate it.

here a pic of it just in case.

I took exact metric measurements of the top panel with my metric scale.Do you have Autocad?

Metal panel = 313mm x 172.625

aw no i dont sorry. i dont need exact mesurements per say thanks doh. could u take the measurements of the front panel and the back panel for me. with that i could get the size of the sides and i would be done. thanks alot man.

Whole Case = 350mm x 210-240mm (210-240 is including the tapers full run out)
55mm tall (50mm tall minus the rubber feet)

The front tapers more than the rear but, I don’t have a protractor to give you the exact degree.

Metal panel = 313mm x 172.625

perfect thanks alot bro