VF5FS is now backwards compatible on Xbox One


So if anyone wants to check out the game that has an X1 that game is now available. Source > https://mspoweruser.com/virtua-fighter-5-coming-backwards-compatibility-today/


Will we have to re-customise all the characters now? I have the Brooks UFB so I am ready to challenge people on the Xbox One with my nearly learnt stick skills.


I would assume you will have to. I owned the game on PS3 but never had a 360, I do have an X1 however. Plan on picking up the game whenever it goes on sale, it was only $30 at launch for the full game, four and a half years ago, it’s $45 on Xbox now >_<


Nah it was 15 base, another 15 for half the cast dlc, another 15 for the other half dlc.