VF5FS Stream/ Match/ Combo Video thread


Post Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown videos and streams here

Feel free to comment and discuss

Could you please disable autoembed on youtube links?

Godgarden currently playing around with console VF5FS


haunts is live with the Daily Blow Up: http://www.twitch.tv/iplaywinner


In case I fall asleep, I’ll post this now

Tokyo Bay Area Cup Vol 7 in 1.5 hours


VFSoCal stream is live if you can pull yourself away from the Fanatiq v. RayRay FT15: http://www.twitch.tv/vfsocal


Hamaotsu Cup stream just started: http://virtuafighter.com/forums/ubbthreads.php/topics/325620/1st%20Hamaotsu%20Cup%20-%20Sega%20teams


Man, I am really digging Phoenix Death’s Lei Fei on the VFSoCal stream. Hope he goes to WNF next week, if they stream it.


ECT has some VF casuals, maybe a side tourney later



SRK’s own GD forums are playing :tup:


also post your match videos in here people


Johoseph is gonna be streaming alot more. I’d suggest subscribing.

EDIT: He’s streaming right now lol


I recorded these on the weekend. Hope I’m not too scrubby…


Hey all. I’ll be streaming VF5:FS probably a few times weekly. Follow me at twitch.tv/johoseph

I also save a few matches here and there and upload them to my youtube channel @ www.youtube.com/johochef

Here’s a few matches in the spoiler, to wet your appetite! Enjoy!




PeacefulJay is streaming a lobby right now: http://www.twitch.tv/peacefuljay

I might join in a little bit.




www.twitch.tv/newchallengers thats usually me streaming playing ranked matches on xbl or on occasion player matches vs action kungfu cozby etc etc


If you’re wondering what the Japanese arcade exclusive item looks (and sounds) like, one of the Pai’s in this set is rocking one. It sings and creates a special victory jingle!








Also uploaded some really nice sets between 2 of the best east coast players, gl0ry85 and GentlemanThief.
Here’s one to start you out.

Plenty more on my youtube page too, 30+ new replays uploaded. www.youtube.com/johochef


I’m on my way to SF right now for the next Southtown Arcade VF5FS tourney. I will probably be doing some commentary as well.

Tournament starts at around 7pm Pacific and the stream will be at www.twitch.tv/iplaywinner

It’ll be the first FS tourney where I actually have some idea what I’m doing. Hoping I don’t get thrashed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Feedback on commentary is welcome!