VFDC needs help for Virtua Fighter 5r console port

Virtua Fighter 5R is now available in japanese acrade since 1 1/2 year. Sega normally should have already announced a console port. But since virtua fighter 5 sold badly outside of japan sega is not considering a release outside of japan. For those that do not know the game just youtube Virtua Fighter 5r or VF5r. The main reason the game sold badly is not that it isnt good. It was the high price of the PS3 and xbox 360. Now since both consoles have dropped in price if sega could release it as downloadable update/game it would sell really well. Virtua Fighter 5 was one of the games played at the World Cyber Games 2008 and 2009 too.

Kamaage a well know japanese player has contact to some of Segas higher ups. VFDC is currently collecting Messages, names and location from playes which want a release of VF5R. Those will be added to a document and given to the devs and president of sega! We need to have 500 pages or more! I hope as fellow beat em up players you’ll help out!

So tell everyone you know and post at:
VFDC (Virtua Fighter Dot Com)

Or post here and I will post it at VFDC for you!

I’ve been meaning to get into VF for a while now…This could be a good opportunity if it goes through, haha. Though I’ll admit my experience with 3D fighters has been pretty disappointing (hate Tekken/DOA/SC with a passion, ugh), VF seems a lot better, not to mention it has some serious reputation as the “deepest” FG series out there. Fingers crossed for you guys! :woot:

Yea I really hope they will release it for console, the difference between 5 and 5r is huge.

I really hope for a release, but I think this has been attempted at least once or twice. Ask anyone about the “facebook” incident. :x

Still, I hope this is successful.

Well the facebook incident is something else, we have direct contact to segas higher ups now through Kamaage and a 500 Page Document is going to impress for sure. But every help we can get is needed. If you dont want to setup an account at VFDC just post here. A few sentence would really be enough, if you dont want to write a long story. The more the better though.

The game is amazingly deep and I loved playing what I did of 5 on console, I’d love to see another revision!

Since it is a petition, Name & Location are required though. Msg, Name, Loc(City, Country)

I dunno man, I read the article and it sounds like SEGA is just toying around with you guys.

“Uhhhhh, hmm…100 pages is nice I guess…but it isn’t enough. We need FIVE HUNDRED pages of documents! Yes yes…FIVE HUNDRED.”

Ok, 500 pages is a fucking novel. I doubt the SEGA Prez is gonna be convinced by 500 pages of stuff, when he wasn’t already convinced by 100 pages (100 pages for a petition is already pretty damn long.) IMHO, he’s just leading you guys on a goose chase so he wouldn’t have to be bothered by any more pleas from the community of wanting a VF5R port. What’s after 500 pages? 2500 pages?

The way I look at it is might as well try, even if it’s 5 hundred or somewhere alone the middle, better than 0 pages.

5R has already been out for a year and a half? Maybe you should just consider waiting till 6 comes out or something. VF5 is quite the adequate game.

You’re right. Y’know while we’re at it, let’s forget about SSF4. Just cancel it. SF4 is fine.

Canto best troll on FGD

No it is not.SF4 does not have enough variety

Help if you feel like doing so but leave this thread clean please. There’s another VF topic where you can dog the effort if you don’t like it.

Even though I don’t think this effort will do shit. I really feel for you guys, and wouldn’t mind playing the game since it had some neat characters which grew on me when I tried the game. Also, I’ll do anything to detract people from playing horrible games like Soul Calibur and Tekken. Plus, I’m really fiending to find a game that I can get passionate about, which would have a good netcode where I could practice and enjoy. I don’t get that from like all fighters currently out, and I did give them all a chance.

VF5 4tw, goodluck

I don’t play Virtua Fighter but I know a lot of folks do and like it, so put me down for the effort, even if it doesn’t do much.

Put me down for the effort, Virtua Fighter is the best 3D fighting game Ive ever played. Nothing compares.

I’m thinking about picking up 5 on 360 used today, I need to learn how to play.

Please sticky!!!

Where’s VF4 at? I’d thought he’d say something on this thread by now…

I’m all for a VF5R release just for Jean alone. But Sega needs to clean up their act in general and listen to their fans a bit more.