VFDC Presents VF Circuit



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http://virtuafighter.com/forums/ubbthreads.php/topics/330929/VF Circuit: Season One - VFDC


Thanks for posting this here Brisal. Just posting the main information for those that prefer not to click the link:

The VF Circuit - the free region-based online events mentioned in the VFDC Online Events Feedback Thread in early April. There will be more details about the VF Circuit after Evo 2012, but for now please view the document and provide any feedback (everything is subject to change).

VF Circuit: Season One Public Draft (Version 0.9) - requires free Adobe Reader to view.

Early registration helps immensely to the organization of these events and also in determining the prizes. As an incentive to get people to register for the season before the first tournament is announced, you will be given 1 bonus point for either the PS3 League or Xbox 360 League.

Thanks, Akai


Just an update that the first round robin event has occurred on the VF Circuit.

For the Xbox League, we had 52 players participated in the round robin (8 brackets total). For the PS3 League, we had 53 players participated in the rescheduled event. In total, that is 94 of the 172 players registered for the VF Circuit.

100 or more players are registered for each league (360 - 107 ; PS3 - 100)

This is what people should expect for this week on VF Circuit Blog (also will make note of it on VFDC):

  1. Dragon Ball Power Rankings System of the Circuit
  2. Post addressing the feedback received from the first round robins.
  3. Details on small group training session - to those that participated in the Circuit and finished in the bottom third.
  4. Thread to open registration for PS3 Round Robin #2, Sunday, August 19th. (360 Round Robin #2 registration have already started - click here)


Glad I joined. It’s been fun so far, can’t wait for the next one on 360. :slight_smile:


Giving this a bump in case some people don’t know about it :slight_smile:

It’s still running strong, contenders every week, join in!


I didn’t know about this, thank you :slight_smile: