#vfhome @ EFnet - The home of the Virtua Fighter Chatroom


To copy and paste from the #SNKPlaymore thread and to meddle around with DandyJ’s words/instructions:

As an IRC aficionado, I’ve been fond of talking with people with IRC about fighting games and many other subjects. I recently found #vfhome while trying to dig up any old school gathering of Virtua Fighter players that may still be about.

So, I found #vfhome and it’s relatively small. Nevertheless, old school and experienced players still idle about and there is some chatter that goes on about. But, we would really want to get in some new users and really try to make this channel thriving and full of enthusiasm for Virtua Fighter; and actually have discussions about Virtua Fighter. wwww

So yeah, feel free to pop in and talk about whatever you may want. See ya guys there!

EDIT: Request for Moderator, may you please sticky this thread? Thanks in advance.