VFrames - A new SFV move list/frame data app


VFrames, a Street Fighter V reference app, has just been released on the Google Play Store. It includes complete move lists for Street Fighter V characters including move descriptions and properties, and will include detailed frame data prior to the game’s release. Our goal is to provide the FGC with a reference that is highly informative for beginners and seasoned veterans alike and lightweight enough to be used at a glance in a tournament setting, all with no ads and completely free.

Download VFrames here!

Current features:
[] Complete move lists for all characters except F.A.N.G
] Detailed frame data
[] Descriptions explaining moves and their properties such as V-Skill and V-Trigger descriptions, invulnerability, overheads, armor, and so on. We’ll be adding more of these as the game nears release.
Upcoming features:
] Player notes for each character and matchup, shareable between players and editable on PC and mobile
[] Continued addition of move data and descriptions as more info comes to light as SFV’s release approaches
] Basic strategy and bread-n-butters for each character
[*] … and more, which we’ll keep under wraps

An iOS version is on our roadmap. We want to provide the best possible experience, which means writing native apps for both Android and iOS. Sorry for the wait iPhone owners, but it’ll be worth it when you get the product in your hands!
VFrames is by no means complete – we are releasing now because we want as much feedback as possible prior to the release of Street Fighter V. If you have feedback of any kind, feel free to contact us through the app, via email or on Twitter:

Email: vframesapp@gmail.com
Twitter: @VFramesApp


I’ll wait on the apple app, interested in the frame data portion mostly. Do you have an idea of how that will be formatted?


I like this app. I can’t wait to use it for tournaments.


Only have iOS, so can’t get it atm. I look forward to it though, any frame data app is really of great use imo. Notes features might be important too overtime but good to see you are working on it.

Also, if building an iOS version, don’t let it require latest firmwares only. Apparently newest iOS versions are making 4S’s and below crash and brick… and an app like this shouldn’t really use so much work on the phone either way. Maybe people will say something else otherwise, but not willing to update to a newer iOS and risk getting a brick (plans for getting a newer iPhone may be sometime in the future, but definitely not now).


Yea frame data is the key, otherwise we have apps that does everything else advertised already


Great app start. Will support. Already tweeted you this but psycho axe for bison is being labeled as an overhead when it isn’t.


Love the UI

Hope this expands to hitbox viewer too


Great job man Much appreciated


I don’t seem to be able to upgrade to the pro version, if I click the banner the bottom of the app it just crashes. Running Marshmallow 6.0.1 on a Nexus 6P.


I’m sorry, I believe you have the wrong app. VFrames is completely free, no pro version or ads exist.


steps in

Is the iOS version up?


As someone who’s been doing mobile apps for 5+ years now, I would just caution the OP to be careful about using Capcom’s graphics in your app. I have had Capcom send me multiple C&D letters on Android when I was doing that (early on when I first started) and they pull the apps from the stores and you can never put them back on. They pull them from the store as soon as Google gets the letter without you even explaining the situation to them.

So just a heads up OP.

That is the reason I no longer use graphics from Capcom and just create some generic graphics/icons of my own.

Good luck to another fellow SF5 mobile app creator!

Not to thread crap, but if you’re looking for an iOS SF5 app, check out my sig.


I’m curious about that, and have two specific questions that maybe you could shed some light on.

  1. Why is using images any different from referencing the IP at all (referencing SFV, using character names)
  2. Why is an app like VFrames any different from a site like EventHubs running a news story which includes move lists and character images?
  3. FA-Tool has been on the market for years with official art in the app. Are they doing anything special to protect themselves?

To clarify, I’m not saying that we SHOULD be safe. I’m saying that while I accept that we are not, I worry that even if we create our own character likenesses, we would still be just as likely to receive a C/D order. Does that make sense?

Edit: also don’t worry about thread-crapping, advertise all you want :slight_smile: The community deserves the best and knowledge of competitors (and the resulting competition) drives up quality.

Merged double post.


It’s actually NOT illegal at all, but the thing is, if Google receives a C&D from a company who claims copyright on stuff, they automatically just pull the app. It’s like our society has gotten now a days in that you are guilty until proven innocent. The problem is, if you try to contact Google to tell them you’re innocent and not breaking any copyright infringement rules, they don’t care. They either don’t respond or give you canned copy/paste email.

CapCops got my free MvC3 app pulled a while ago as well and it had 100% user created graphics. All it had was information like the names and moves. I talked to a lawyer and things like names and moves cannot be copyrighted because they are facts. It’s like someone trying to copyright that the sky is blue. It’s just a fact that the sky is blue. Just like it’s a fact to do SRK you do F,D,DF+P. But google doesn’t care as I mentioned.

I just had better luck when I started using my own graphics and since then Capcom has only done this once.

At least with iOS, Apple will not pull the app from the store as soon as they get a C&D. They contacted me once or twice on behalf of Capcom and told me to work it out with Capcom. I just ignored it since I knew I did nothing wrong.


Sorry mate, my mistake I meant to post in a different threads.


Thanks for being so forthcoming with your experiences! Our team is taking this under consideration and looking into creating character images which will not only lessen our chances of getting arrested by the capcops, but also will better fit the minimalistic, material design look and feel of the rest of the app.


Lol you won’t get arrested so don’t worry about that at all. I was kind of scared when I first got my notice though because all that was new to me, but nothing ever came out of it other than my apps being off the store.


Love the app AndyG! I like how the moves are all laid out in a fashion that’s much like a portable command list - super helpful for training. One thing I think would be good is some kinda icon which denotes which specials have EX versions. Keep up the awesome work!


Can’t say that I’ve checked out the app, but I’m loving the work you app developers are putting into SFV. :slight_smile:


Hey all, thanks for all the awesome feedback. We’re moving right along with VFrames – we’ve just released a new version (grab it on the Play Store or just wait for your phone to update automatically) that contains frame data from Beta 3 for Rashid, Nash, R. Mika, Dhalsim, and Ryu. Not all the frame data, mind you – we took what we have from gilley’s frame data here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1976rt8B91PqVCeYJAmcnW1uwVJ0H03QJtV-dJC5ohL8/edit#gid=771260578

We’ve implemented a toggle to show “alternate” frame data – for most characters, that means V-Trigger, and for Vega, that means Claw vs. No Claw (this will be a unique icon). You can see that in the new version for Ryu. It doesn’t have a dramatic effect for him, but for characters like Laura, Necalli, Vega, etc. who change significantly, we felt that having a toggle made more sense than having an extremely long scroll.

This release, with incomplete frame data, is meant to gather feedback on the UI, check out crash reports, etc. So pick it up and let us know what you think, so we can make the changes we need to make before SFV releases!

In the meantime, we are:
[] Continuing to add frame data for other characters
] Refactoring our UI to make it more tablet-friendly
[] Investigating how to best do the note-taking feature… wouldn’t it be nice if your computer and phone could reference the same notes?
] Beginning development on the iOS app :slight_smile: