VG Jerks (Video Game Let's Plays)

Today I am going to be plugging my own videos a little bit. I figure some of you guys might appreciate some Let’s Play videos of video games that are usually pretty bad. These videos are just my friends and I laughing at bad(sometimes decent) games and giving some of our first reactions to the games. Any constructive criticism is welcome as well. Don’t forget to “like” or comment if you enjoy the videos. I will be updating pretty frequently since this is pretty much how all of my weekends are spent anyways.

We have potty mouths so if you are offended by that don’t bother watching these videos.

**Rakuga Kids (N64 / Fighter / Trumpets): [media=youtube]bHgDc5i7zXA[/media]

Clayfighter - Sculptor’s Cut (N64 / Fighter / Cluck You’s):

Kirby 64 - Crystal Shards (N64 / Platformer / Fruit Catching):**


Snowboard Kids 2 (N64 / Racing / Ridiculous Hair):

DiddyKong Racing (N64 / Racing / Alakazoo):

Rampage 2 - Universal Tour (N64 / Destruction / Leaping Into Action):**


Spawn - In The Demon’s Hand (Dreamcast / Beat Em Up / Zombie A):****[media=youtube]HCfvL52bce0[/media]

Bomberman Land (Wii / Puzzle / Racist Costumes):****[media=youtube]PMPtjs5W0iM[/media]

Propeller Arena (Dreamcast / Simulation / BINGO!):**

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