VGA - Brooklyn, NY - 04/24/08 3rd Strike - 05/01/08 Alpha 3 & GGAC Teams

Tournaments are hosted at New York City College of Technology.
You do not have to be currently enrolled in any college to join.

1st Place Prize: Greatest hits of your choice (negotiable)


Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike
2:30 - 5:00

Street Fighter Alpha 3
12:30 - 4:00

Guilty Gear: Accent Core Team Tournament (2v2)
$5.00 (each player)
12:30 - 4:00

Early sign ups:
Either 1) email 2) message at
or 3) post here
Either of the top 3 with:
Name/Tag and school representing if any
4) Call/Text 917-553-6851

Halo 3 (1st Place Prize, Xbox Live 12 month Gold Card, Microsoft Halo 3 Controller
12:30 - 4:00

Super Smash Bros Brawl (1st Place Prize Nintendo DS Lite)
12:30 - 4:00

Anyone showing up for 3s?

**i was supposed to be there last time, but something came up.

This time I’ll enter 3S to see if Flare shows up again.

It would be great to play him just like I did last NEC. A close match it was last time, but this time I want a solid rematch. (he won 2-1, 2nd round)

Hope to see a lot of people there.


guess ill show up an kill alot of people

What room is the tourney? Money matches ?!! mvc2 :slight_smile:

1st Place Prize: Greatest hits of your choice (negotiable)

what? I’m getting a music cd for prize? or do you mean greatest hits video game?

If i come ill run MVC2 MM wit you…and ill also be in 3rd…MD/VA too strong these days…

i sent you a myspace message, not sure if you got it or not though, since i never recieved a reply.

In the School (namm) Cafeteria

If you supply the system (if and i assume you referring to DC version) and game, you can run your mm, don’t mind)

ha…yeah video game

Been updating the page…i will get on that asap

Yeah I go the INFO at chinatown today

Thank You! To the guy that wrote do the info.
I will be there. What room will this be held???

So I have confirmed two matches for mvc2 for Dreamcast.

its BYOC Bring your own controller for both tournaments. I gotta find an AV cable so we can put DC on a tv.

NO hyper grav tempest since we all on pad.

See ya there :angel:


Are you serious?

It’s hard to play on stick at citytech… grav tempest = broken dc controllers

That was me

in the School Cafeteria (Namm)

DAMN i sucked

Nah it was Chinatown fair. I’m gonna hit you up later cause i want to learn GG etc.
For those who went I was the hispanic guy with ken…I got 3’rd yay!:woot:
Also EiZeri0us post those results:tup::rock:

COuld been a stronger turn out. I play 10x better in casuals.

Good games to everyone I think I got 4h. I lost to Nelson twice in Winner’s and Loser’s… He knows we gotta re-match Chun Li for him

Good shit Cookie Monster, don’t blank out.

Justin Wong came, took our stuff and left :slight_smile:

Remember BYOC Bring your own controller… I did bring my own but for some reason ps2 analog went nuts so I had to play with what was there.

how many ppl entered, what were the results, and first place prize??