VGA cable for PS3?


Does anyone know of a solid/reliable VGA cable for the PS3? Some I’ve seen online have received horrible reviews.

Anyone out there playing PS3 on their computer monitor who can help?

The official one for 360 works like a charm…grrrrrrrrrr


What’s your budget? I have the HDFury and it rocks. It’s a bit spendy though.


you should get a new monitor with DVI or HDMi and use a HDMI to DVI adapter.


But then he’ll have no sound. DVI doesnt carry audio. As far as im aware the best option at the moment for VGA on a PS3 is the HDFury. Theres bound to be a few dodgy third party cables but I wouldnt trust them (sure I seen a XCM one somewhere :shake:)

That it does. Its a real shame Sony wont release an official VGA cable, but I couldnt see it happening with them doing a huge range of TV’s.