VGA CRT hookups: minimize ping, maximize color!

I have a 4 in 1 out VGA switcher. I have the following VGA adapters:. An MTVBox which takes RF and converts it to VGA, a video to VGA box which could take composite video or S-Video, a mayflash component to VGA connector, a direct scart to VGA hookup, I also tested something that I know works, a typical HDMI to VGA adapter.

All these devices except for the scart has a separate VGA input for all of them and a choice between them

First about the delay: is the most the delay going to be one millisecond, the time it takes to convert other formats to VGA compatible formats using computations, which is good for everything except light gun games, but then again, light gun games don’t work on here anyway.

second is there any conversion going on if I accept the VGA in from a chain? Would it be better for ping time to hook up each individual device to a VGA or to chain them back to back to back?

Does it matter which order they’re in, or is it once it’s converted to VGA it stays in VGA until you convert to something else?

I understand I have to manipulate controls on the varoius boxes to switch between VGA and other input.

By the way my sound is being processed through a Turtle Beach DSS one so that any game normally in surround can be processed so that through the headphones on my twitch stream, the surround will come through headphones, assuming it uses Dolby.

I have a Hauppauge Rocket, which can merge HDMI video with RCA LR post converted audio. and yes I do have a VGA to HDMI converter going the other way.

By the way got a second unrelated question saving it for a second question topic header. it has nothing to do with paying it has to do with Fighters online that I haven’t seen on consoles.