VGA-in on TV questions (v-sync)


Btw, I tried searching for answers first, but when “vga”, “dlp”, and “tv” are all too short to be searchable terms, it limits my options. :wink:

I have a 50" samsung DLP, and I use my computer occasionally on the TV to play games and watch movies, etc. I always seem to have a v-sync issue (at least I think it’s v-sync) and I get “tearing” in the image. On my video card’s settings, I’ve tried using both 60 and 59 hertz, as they both show up as supported. 59 seems to be slightly better, but I can’t really explain why. Also, is 59 something that I should even use on my TV? I know you can technically damage hardware by using odd refresh rates. Anybody have any ideas as to how to fix the tearing? Is there something I can use with my tv or video card to match refreshes or v-sync the image?

I’m currently running vista (long story). I didn’t have this issue under Ubuntu, as far as I remember. If I did, I never noticed it.


59.xx is the NTSC defined refresh rate for TVs, in otherwords, probably safe.

set it to the lowest res possible and bump it up?


I actually didn’t have any issues using Ubuntu, but at the time I was using a shorter monitor cable. Right now I’m using a 25 ft. VGA cable that cost about nothing. Can the sync attenuate over distance?