Vga to component transcoder

my hdtv for whatever reason rejects my dreamcast vga box and i was wondering if anyone has tried a transcoder to circumvent this kind of issue. do they lag? has anyone used this combo for an hdtv without a vga input?

beats had the same issue with his HDTV. He did try a vga to component but it still lagged.

The only thing that I could think of for either of you’re cases is that maybe the color space isn’t quite right.

I need to get back to him to try out my vga box and see which settings might work for it. Component (YPbPr/YCbCr) or VGA (RGBHV) respectively. Because when we tried out the Blaze HDTV Player for PS2 it did work in VGA mode. But not his DC VGA Box.

Out of curiousity is your HDTV a sony brand?

samsung, and if it makes a difference, my dc vga “box” isn’t a box, but rather just the cable one. it’s not the big square like most of the models I see and it fits quite loosely in my dreamcast, so sometimes I have to jiggle it to get it to work with a pc monitor. I was tempted to just try a different vga box, but i’d rather know i’m spending money on something with a reasonable chance of success.

yeah, I have a samsung too, and as sgohan said, no success

I did have a vga to component adapter…perhaps it needed to be a transcoder/converter instead of simply an adapter?

what model samsung? i have a vga box for my dreamcast and it works fine. my model is the 46a650.

edit: Jester, what game are you trying to play? Or is it all of your games? Some games are not VGA compatible, but i’m sure you guys no that. There is a list on racketboy’s website of vga compatibility.

Yep, VGA uses RGB colorspace and Component uses YPbPr. If you try to run an RGB signal through a component ports, even if you use the correct resolution and sync type, you will get a very green tinted image.

Anyone know if the Dreamcast provides composite or separate sync in VGA mode? I know my Samsung HDTV does not support composite sync, which is supposedly why it doesn’t like my Atomiswave. If the Dreamcast only provides composite sync it is probably the very same issue, which should be solvable with a sync splitter circuit. (I haven’t quite gotten around to installing one in my Atomiswave motherboard though…)

either that or a sync on green, in fact Beats HDTV did accept RGB:SoG.

This is what I use:

I cannot detect any lag while using it. I have done multiple Guitar Hero tests and it always comes up with 0 correction. I am using it on a Panasonic CRT with native resolution of 480p/1080i. Your results may vary.

mine’s a samsung LN40A530, and as far as games I’m only trying to play marvel. Everything else I can play on a different system, but unfortunately capcom failed in making a decent marvel port for anything but DC.

In the specs, it says that it does not scale the image, and the display has to scale it. Is this going to produce lag? I’m not savvy on this kind of stuff, but I’d figure that converting an analog signal would take longer than scaling an already hd signal, am i right? Would this piece of hardware be a viable solution?

Is it a CRT hdtv or an LCD/plasma? LCDs have issues with basically any resolution that isn’t native. Also, have you tried a VGA > DVI converter if your HDTV has DVI input?

Separate sync.

What you have is a 15-pin to component adapter. It’s not actually a vga plug, it just is the same shape as one. As megaultrasuper pointed out, VGA and component are totally different signals. A transcoder is required.

Looking over the specs for your TV… I think you should start elsewhere before dropping the money on a decent transcoder.

According to the documentation, it should work with your VGA box:

640x480 sure is VGA. Is there any chance something is wrong with your VGA box? Can you test it on another monitor first?

After that, do you have anything else that will outputs VGA that you can try (say a laptop or a 360?) to make sure your TV is accepting the signal.

With any luck, you just might need a new VGA box. Which you can build pretty easily.

my tv works when my computer is hooked up to it, i watched rocknrolla the other day, and my dreamcast vga box works on my computer monitor, although sometimes my monitor would say out of range and i’d have to try 3 or 4 times before i got it to work.

Out of range might mean the VGA box is passing a 15khz signal instead of a 31khz signal. Which is fancy talk for the VGA box isn’t working.

Some TVs would be fine with that, most wouldn’t.

If I were you, I’d try a new VGA box first. It’ll be a lot cheaper than a transcoder.
If you’re a little handy with a soldering iron, you can make one for about $1.00 worth of parts.