VGA to Component

I’m trying to get it to work with my TV…I have a Laptop with Vista…Mobile Intel® 965 Express Chipset Family…I mosty will play it with MAME

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It looks like you have the wrong resolution and refresh rate for your tv.

what kind of resolution should I try

What vga to component adapter are you using? If your tv does progressive scan, stick with 480p (640x480). Your tv my be too weaksauce and can only do 480i.

What kinda tv is it?

What do you mean by witch one??

I bought one on ebay for like $5…

I’m using 640x480, True Color (32-bit) 60 Herts

If its a standard def TV then go with 640x480i. Otherwise, you should be able to output 720p or 1080i with component (1080p with DVI/HDMI)

If you bought a $5 vga -> component converter, then it’s just a dsub to rca adapter and doesn’t actually convert the signal from rgb to component. You’ll have to get an appropriate converter for this or output something your tv can handle.

I see.
If you bought one of those cheap cables off eBay, you’re out of luck. Most (if not all) video cards do not output component video through the hd15/vga connector. Those cables are usually reserved for projectors that have vga inputs that are compatible with component video from component sources.

Vga to component video is not as simple as a cheap $5 cable, you need a vga to component transcoder like the Audio Authority 9A60.

and how much will that put me back

Is there anything cheaper??