VGFC - Worlds Collide (Fan-made Fighter)


Originally posted this in the FGD Lounge, but with d3v’s approval I’ve made this thread for it.

Been working on a fan-made fighter for a while (made using Game Maker) and finally released a playable build: VGFC - Worlds Collide.


Credit to @roknin for the logo, he’s also working on some cover art for it but that isn’t ready yet[/details]

…yeah, I’m terrible with names :rofl:

Thought you guys might enjoy it, so I’m sharing it here.

Currently lacking a lot of stuff (aside from the roster size), but it’s still a WIP and I’ll continue to work on improving it/adding more. Right now it has Arcade with some AI opponents, a Survival mode, training with a few options for the dummy and you can view hitboxes, and 4 versus modes:

Standard Versus (1v1)
YOLO Versus (You die in one hit, but there’s no chip damage, all mechanics are enabled by default, and you have infinite meter)
Honest Versus (some may remember this from back in the scrubquotes thread, basically a mode that removes all of the “cheap” stuff that scrubs complain about)

From an older build but the premise is the same[/details]
Team Versus (3v3 fights, similar to KOF)

It also supports button and keyboard mapping and should work with pretty much any controller or Arcade Stick. Also supports custom music so you can assign your own bgm to each stage or the main menu (.mp3 or .ogg files).

Some screens:



The vid is from January, I’ve made some tweaks since then such as the addition of tech rolls. Couple of my friends playing so not the most high level stuff or anything.

Also note, boss versions of characters (God Rugal, Evil Ryu, Violent Ken, Shin Akuma, etc) are just glorified palette swaps. They have some different idle animations/win poses/taunts, but gameplay-wise they’re identical to their regular counterparts.[/details]

(Credit to @“Phantom Angel” for the battle UI and @Smashbro29 for being the announcer)

If anyone’s interested, you can find a download link for it on here:

It’s a wiki of sorts that I’ve been building for it. Still has a lot left to add though, but you can find the download link at the bottom of the home page (or click on “Download” at the top).

Let me know what you guys think. All I ask is that any criticism be more constructive than just “it’s trash.” :razz:

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i was like
hey this looks pretty cool
then i saw the pony
no thanks


This is how you know SRK is going to be okay. :lol:


I don’t like every single character choice but it’s a game made by someone passionate.


I’m more interested in the effort it took to make a fighter in Game Maker.


It wasn’t that hard, at least the base engine wasn’t. Only took me a few weeks to get that finished, Game Maker’s really easy to work with (and helps that I have a better understanding of how fighters work now). The hard part was more the time it took to get all the characters done and reasonably balanced, or at least attempt to, hard to do that well when you’re working by yourself and you end up making the roster size as massive as I did. Which isn’t a Game Maker exclusive thing.

The real challenge though will be to see if I can get some kind of online working for it. Aside from the fact that I have zero experience or knowledge on netcode, I don’t know how well Game Maker can do that (though I have seen that there’s DLLs available that assist with online play so that’s a plus.)


Just a shitty Mugen game but not in Mugen.



How do you set the window full screen? Loading times are super long.

Can I get change the difficulty in options? I was being juggled in the air non-stop by Kazuya.


Right now you press F4 to switch between fullscreen and windowed (Game Maker’s default option). Probably will add an option for that to the options menu as well though.

By loading times do you mean the one when you first start the game, or the ones between matches? Unfortunately I don’t think there’s much I can do about the former, and tried to optimize the latter as best as I could.

I don’t have difficulty settings for the AI yet, trying to hit that “sweet spot” in terms of difficulty for a harder AI and then tuning it from there. I’ll see about adding something next week.


the honest versus seems really intriguing to me. do you have gameplay o dat?


Yeah. It’s from an older build, as you can tell from the UI, and I’ve made a few tweaks to it since then (e.g you can no longer be stunned in honest mode because dizzies are cheap), but it’s how it generally plays out:



Last time I worked with Game Maker was with 8 and was only to churn out shmups. Never tried making anything like a fighting game.


Yeah, Game Maker 8 is the version I’m currently using.

I’d upgrade to Studio but I don’t want to spend money on another license, and I think there’s probably other better engines to work with for what I want to do after this (like Unreal or Love2D). Only reason I stuck it out with Game Maker 8 to make this is because I’ve used it for so long and is what I’m familiar with.


needs hitstop


Do you mean more hitstop? Because I already have it (7 frames for light strength attacks, 9 frames for medium strength attacks and 11 frames for heavy strength attacks).

I originally had more than that but it felt excessive at that point.


Update: released Version 1.05. Direct link is below:

Just replace the old .exe with this new one.

Version history:

Patch notes:

[details=Spoiler]Global Changes

[] Fixed a bug where player 2’s character sprites would not load correctly in team matches if the first match is a mirror match and player 2 wins.
] Fixed a bug where if you KO’d a character with a projectile, and the character that threw the projectile was on the last recovery frame, after the pause the character that threw the projectile would be stuck and the game would take longer to get to the next round.
[] Fixed a bug where Sonson’s Ultra would use the wrong image for player 2.
] Fixed Sakura’s AI so she won’t drop her combos.
[*] Fixed Kazuya’s AI so he won’t whiff a Demon God Fist after EWGF juggles.

Character Changes


[*] Fixed a bug that caused his Hadoken to only be cancellable on one frame.

[*] Fixed a bug that caused his Hadoken to only be cancellable on one frame.

[*] Fixed a bug where if you performed Tenma-Gozanku as close to the ground as possible, Akuma would be stuck in the air afterwards.


[] Fixed the hurtbox on the recovery frames of Standing Heavy Kick.
] Fixed the hurtbox on the recovery frames of Foot Stab.
[*] Fixed the pushbox on a frame of Crouching Heavy Punch being set too high.


[] Fixed the effect on his Laser Upper so it doesn’t detach from his arm.
] Fixed the hurtbox on the recovery frames of Laser Upper.
[*] Fixed the hurtbox on his Mine Launch.

Plan for next week: AI difficulty settings and a couple more options added to the options menu. And of course more bug fixes if any other issues are found.


Are you considering adding more characters? Adding Cody to complete the Guy/Haggar/Cody trio would be dope.


Probably not, the roster is already oversized as it is at 72. If I were to add any more, it’d have to be someone who really adds something unique to the game. Cody, as much as I like him as a character, I don’t think really adds anything new, at least not with his Alpha 3 counterpart (Terry pretty much already has his job covered AFAIK, if Cody’s A3 version is anything like how he is in SF4).


Update: released Version 1.06. Direct link is below:

Just replace the old .exe file with this new one.

Version history:

Patch notes:

[details=Spoiler]Global Fixes/Changes:

[] Added AI difficulty settings to the options menu. (Hidden bosses will only appear if you play Arcade on Hard or Hardest)
] AI opponents will now occasionally attempt a roll as a reversal.
[] Added Lucario, Yang, and Blaziken as AI opponents.
] Added more attacks to the final boss.
[] Added an option to enable or disable fullscreen in the options menu. F4 still works as a shortcut.
] Made some fixes to the EX and final boss effects.
[] Fixed a small memory leak; the game would load the music for the final boss twice if you had the music set to custom without freeing the memory first.
] Fixed a bug where the AI would walk at double speed if more than one projectile was on-screen.
[*] Fixed a bug where the final boss would sometimes summon more than one bear at a time.

Character Fixes/Changes:


[*] Drill run: Hitstun reduced by 2 frames, now +3 on hit. Pushback in the corner increased.

[*] Fixed a bug where his Ultra on whiff would cause an error message.

[*] Fixed a bug with his palm that would cause an error message.

Plan for next week: add more AI opponents and UI options, training mode improvements.