VGN Killer Instinct Tournament + Prize @ Microsoft Store (Houston, Texas <2-1-14>)


Come and participate in VGN’s first Killer Instinct tournament and secondary game tournament(TBA), or just check out the new XBOX ONE, try out some new ONE or 360 games, and interact with some of the other VGN gamers. This event is included in the overall Microsoft Store event. Check those details here: or RSVP for the tournament at

Date & Time: 2-1-14; sign ups and warm-up matches @ 12:30pm; Tournament @ 1pm
Location: Microsoft Store in the Galleria Mall
Console: XBOX ONE
Hosting/Venue fee: Free
Tournament Entry fee: $5 (All casual gaming is free)

Prizes: Cash pot (Includes all tournament entry fees); Payout = 70%/30% for 1st/2nd place; (All participants in the tournament and overall MS Store event will receive an entry into a drawing for a gift card($15 minimum).

Structure: Maximum 32 player bracket; Double-Elimination; Best of 3 matches(3 rounds per match)
Rules: No special rules

Perks: Microsoft Store usually provides refreshments. At a minimum they usually offer us sodas. The Galleria Mall food court is also available; There may be some add-on prizes like some Xbox Live Points as well.

Note: We want to have as many copies of Killer Instinct on-hand as possible. If you are willing to migrate your XBOX Live profile with a copy of Killer Instinct on it or bring any other ONE or 360 games please let the organizer know. Your profile will be deleted upon completion of the tournament. You are recommended to bring you own controller/arcade stick. You may need an extension cable to use it on the theatre screen (the big screen) unless you have a really long cable already or a wireless controller.