VH2: Why isn't it played more?

Hey everyone,

I’ve been lurking the forums for a while now, siphoning as much info as I can about Street Fighter, and finally decided to join and contribute to the community :wgrin:. I’m a huge 3S fan, not as much 4, but my first post pertains to a different series. I recently got into the Darkstalkers series (a little late, I know), and am a bit confused about the multiple versions of the same game. My question is this: Why isn’t Vampire Hunter 2 played in tournaments instead of the first Vampire Hunter (Darkstalkers 2)? It’s the most recent, and as far as I know, most up to date version, while retaining all the same characters. Or am I missing something? On that same note, why do people play the first version of Vampire Hunter (95/03/02) in tournaments instead of the second (international) version? Are they just being stubborn?

I ask because I only want to play one version of the game, so I’d like to know which is the “proper” version (meaning, used in tournaments), and why, so that I may begin my training. I know the original Vampire Savior is superior to Vampire Savior 2 (no characters taken out, probably other things I don’t know), but why is the original Vampire Hunter preferred and not Vampire Hunter 2?

Vampire Hunter is unique compared to Vampire Hunter 2 which a tweaked Savior 2+ Hunter characters + Hunter BGMs, for some players Vampire Hunter is the “Super Turbo” of the Darkstalkers games. Also Savior 2/Hunter 2 failed miserably @Arcades in Japan, almost nobody played them just like how SFZ2 Alpha was unpopular.

Savior 2/Hunter 2 are major examples of Capcom’s marketing stupidity back in the mid 90’s.

Eh, Vampire Hunter 2 is more like Savior 2 instead of Hunter and it’s pretty much ignored in favor of Savior just like Savior 2 is. Hell it’s basically Savior 2, with the same char and system changes from Savior to Savior 2, Savior characters cut out, add in rest of Hunter cast, and put in Hunter’s good soundtrack. People just don’t like the way those two Savior upgrades play I guess. As for the first version of Hunter 1 being played I guess people liked the bugs and initial properties the moves had before the final JP/international builds.

Basically, if you’re going for anything close to tourney play or trying to take on a Darkstalkers game seriously, just play Vampire Savior or Vampire Hunter/Nightwarriors. Hunter2/Savior2 are best for just casual play with friends or whoever you can get to play it with you.

Edit: SA pretty much beat me to it lol, but yeah that’s it.

Ah, I see. Thanks for the quick responses and for clearing that up guys. So was this the same case with SFZ2A as well? Nobody liked the changes/nobody played it, so it was ignored in favor of vanilla SFA2?

Yes ShadowKnight, nobody liked it then nobody really likes or plays it now. Even on GGPO I think the last time I played SFZ2A with someone is so we could play that games dramatic battle mode lol.

Because no one can tell which is which anymore when talking about it, so they just said “fuck it” and picked one.