VH236H "Evo Moniter" says "out of range" when connected via HDMI

I just got a new ASUS VH236h monitor the other day and but when I connected my 360 to it via HDMI it would just flash a message “out of range”. It would not accept the signal for whatever reason.

I tried a friends PS3 via HDMI, held the ps3 button for 2 beeps, but still no picture and would get the “out of range” message on the screen.

I have no idea whats going on. Could some setting be f’d up that I need to change?

ASUS VH236H Out of Range via HDMI?? - AVS Forum

that guy had a similar problem to you

well i plugged my laptop into it via vga and it works fine

however still says out of range in hdmi with a 360