Viability of PC as a tourney platform?

For reasons other than expense and work required, is there any reason that PCs aren’t used for non-arcade FG matches? Since PCs can get drivers any arcade stick / pad that is usb should be able to work on it, and they can be hooked up to TVs / projectors that way it’s the same feel as console. If somebody had a crapload of PCs and Displays with drivers for all common usb pads / sticks could an event be made?

Yeah. Depending on the PC you can get really variable performance during fighting games. Even a PC that has more than enough power to run a particular game can have performance hiccups due to one thing or another. This kind of inconsistency isn’t something you want in a competitive environment.

Well for SF4 in particular, I don’t like how it looks on PC w/ screen tearing, and if you turn on vertical sync then you get input lag. Console is just more solid and easier to have multiple setups.

Any game would have to be made from the ground up as a pc game for it to be worth it and get out any sort of advantages that the PC platform could have over consoles.

Actually, that would be interesting yet risky to test out.

Laptops are easier to bring around than a whole game system plus a TV, but I see the disadvantage of the game suddenly freezing or quitting because of the computer. :confused:

The problem with PCs is about “universality”, even with full specs for some people the experience of playing a game is too much (lag, desync, problems with vsync, etc).

Another reason:
It’d be hard to notice at the tournament that a PC version of a game has not been subtly modded to slightly increase damage with certain characters or some such (would be ludicrously easy to do on SF4 if someone was determined enough).
Imagine if each of Sagat’s hits was modded to do 1 or 2 extra damage and everyone elses was modded to do 1 or 2 less. Would you be able to notice? Would anyone go to training mode to check? It might not provide a tremendous advantage to somebody, but the potential for that makes it suspect in my eyes.

Talk about worrying with non-issues…What respectable, non-shady tournament would pull off that kind of bullshit? That’s like saying “what about allowing players to bring custom-built sticks to tournaments!? A player could mess with the board and make it so supers execute in one button (or with two buttons, to stay covert etc. etc.), the potential for that makes me suspicious!”. Come on. If you can’t trust your opponents/the guys holding the tournament…Don’t play.

It should be a platform like any other, as long as the tournament stays offline. I imagine the PC they’d use for a tournament would be good enough not to have performance issues. Controller problems would likely be sorted on the spot, like people have done since forever on console tournaments.

V-Sync only causes 1 frame of input lag on systems with nVidia video cards as was reported by several users on these forums using the input lag tester. I can confirm there’s absolutely no lag with ATI video cards and USB polling rate @1000hz.

Only problem I could see with that is that Nvidia has always been more willing to sponsor and donate video cards to run pc tournaments for years now. Sponsorship has been a way that a lot of large scale pc lan tournaments have used to defer the cost of expensive pc gaming rigs.

It isn’t that big of an issue. But it is there.

I say no. Too many variables on the PC.

A consistent experience for as many people as possible is required for a fair and viable tournament environment. With background processes, possibly un-overclocked USB ports, V-sync delay, Underspecced Pc’s and all the other variables the PC presents this just isn’t possible. If you used stock PC’s that’d be alllrriigghttt but a very expensive proposition, considering only one Evo game uses PC’s. It’s cost effective and in the end cheaper to replace a 360 if something goes wrong.

Biggest one: niggas are shady as hell at tourneys, and that shit will get jacked or swiped.

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