Viable video formats for upload

Hey all, I just got a few questions regarding uploading matches to youtube.

You see, I know how to record online matches with kaillera and all that (They get recorded to Avi)

What I don’t know is what settings I’ve got to use with my video convertering software (I use Total Video Converter) to make the matches look as good as possible and not weighting a freaking ton.

So if anyone knows how, please do tell, or if you use a different (free) software that is better, please do tell as well!

Thanks a bunch.

… Isn’t it counter-productive to be looking for “best possible quality” for upload to YouTube, which will then slaughter (You Can’t Have Slaughter Without Laughter!) the quality? :smile:

Your local video copies will be converted over (down) by YouTube anyways, so you can encode at a pretty high quality and let them downconvert for you. Then you can discard your own copies if you need the space, or archive them to DVD or something. Note that personally burnt CDs/DVDs do decay over time, so it’s not a permanent storage archive, but then again what is. :smile:

Maybe I expressed myself in a confusing way.

Let’s see… I have this .avi file that weights a gig.

I want to convert it to a Mpeg4 file (Which works fine for google video, I think)

Thing is I have all this stuff and I don’t know what options to choose, all I want is that it runs smoothly, or at least, that you can make up what’s going on in the match. That’s what I meant with “quality”.

Thanks for the input anyway, Preppy. I just didn’t make myself clear.

This is how videos should be… =P

vimeo is much better. They also have HD capabilities.

Check out this and a few other HD game videos I uploaded there:



This page has the settings you seek:

Thanks to both of you!