Vice Moveset and Attributes

Frame Data:

For projectiles, * indicates when a projectile is released. Note, sometimes i got lazy, listed projectiles as something like 14/26, assume projectile released on frame 15 in this case.
x/x/o refers to cancellability of a move, is it rapid fire move/special cancellable/super cancellable?
Moves with damage 1100, 1000 indicate damage varies according to when the move hits, like 1100 up close, 1000 far.
x,x/o,x/o,o refers to cancellability of moves, e.g. can cancel into special only on close hit, but cancels into super fine on either close or far hit.

Moves 1000+400, have a first hit of 1000, and 2nd hit of 400.
Cancellability written in the form: x+x/o+x/o+o, where the first symbol indicates cancellability of the 1st hit, and the second symbol indicates the cancellability of the second hit.
So the described move is not rapid fire on either hit, cancels into specials on only the first hit, and cancels into a super on either hit.

Note’s on /'s and +'s and :'s
/'s indicate a change from startup/recovery to a hit, a + indicates more recovery, or in the case of hits, another hit becoming active immediately after the previous hit.
[edit] :'s now used for super startup, to match Buktooth’s way of listing.
:'s separate the startup frames before and after the super flash freeze for supers.

Note, sometimes use your judgement when reading a move. Some moves that clearly don’t hit, like athena’s teleport, obviously don’t hit. 17/12/14 refers to 17 frames of startup, 12 frames of teleporting, and 14 frames of recovery. Until I can get around to revising all my work and including full notes to all the moves that need’em, well use your own judgement.
Counters tend to be listed in the form 14/25 or 3/14/25
14/25 generally means the counter is active from frame 0, stays out for 14, has 25 frames of recovery.
3/14/25 counter has 3 frames of startup, counter active for 14, 25 frames of recovery if whiffed.

for supers, 4:5/13/11 means 4 frames of startup before flash, 5 startup after flash, 13 active hit frames, 11 recovery.
4/5+3+3/13, means 4 frames startup, 5 active hit frames, followed immediately by next hit for 3 frames, followed immediately by next hit for 3 frames, then 13 frames of recovery.

Some air moves, stay active or keep recovering until they land. This is indicated writing land in a slot where there would be a number.
Move has 14 frames of startup, hits till landing, 13 frames of recovery while landing.
Move has 14 frames of startup, 5 active hit frames, then is recovering till lands, then needs 13 more frames to recover.


Close Standing:
LP: 300 +8/+8 o/o/o
MP: 700 +0/+0 x/o/o
HP: 1000 +6/+6 x/o/o
LK: 300+200 -2/-2 x+x/o+o/o+o
MK: 800 -2/-2 x/o/o
RH: 400+800 +2/+2 x+x/x+x/o+x

Far Standing:
LP: 200 +7/+7 o/o/o
MP: 1200 -1/-1 x/x/o
HP: 1200 -10/-10 x/x/x
LK: 300+200 -2/-2 x+x/o+o/o+o
MK: 700 -2/-2 x/x/o
RH: 1100 -6/-6 x/x/o

LP: 200 +7/+7 o/o/o
MP: 700 -9/-9 x/x/o
HP: 1100,700 -7/-7 x,x/o,x/o,o
LK: 200 +2/+2 o/o/o
MK: 800 -3/-3 x/x/o
RH: 1000 down/-10 x/x/o

LP: 500 4/22 special cancellable
MP: 700 4/10 special cancellable
HP: 1100 5/6 not special cancellable
LK: 400 4/22 special cancellable
MK: 800 5/5 not special cancellable
RH: 1100 6/8 not special cancellable

HP: 1600 52 pixels 3/1/13
RH: 1800 52 pixels 5/1/13

Special Moves:

Nailbomb: HCF + P
Command throw.
LP: 1800 52 pixels 3/1/22
MP: 1900 50 pixels 3/1/22
HP: 2000 48 pixels 3/1/22

Gore Fest: HCB, F + P
Command throw
LP: 1000 52 pixels 6/1/24
MP: 1100 50 pixels 6/1/24
HP: 1200 48 pixels 6/1/24

Tranquility: DP+P (followup to Gorefest)
All buttons same.
1000 77 pixels 57-131 pixels (vertical reach?)
19/5/29 airborne from frames 2-52

De-cide: HCF + K
All versions: down/-21 block low parry low not airblockable
LK: 1000
MK: 1100
RH: 1200

De-cide Slayer: DP + K (follow up to Mayhem)
All versions:
17/2/33, downs on hit hits mid parry high not airblockable
Listed damage is standalone damage. All buttons do 800 if
move done as follow up to Mayhem.
LK: 1200
MK: 1300
RH: 1400

Outrage: QCB + K
All versions: block mid parry high not airblockable
LK: 200 x 6 -4/-4
MK: 200 x 6, 100x3 -11/-2
RH: 100 x 12 -5/+5

Ravenous: (midair) QCB + K
All versions: +1/+1 block mid parry high airblockable
LK: 200 per hit. 7/2/2/2/2/2/2/…land/22
MK: 200x2->100 per hit. 9/2/1/2/1/2/1/2/1/…land/22
RH: 100 per hit. 11/2+2+2+2+2+…land/22
Explanation: Basically once activated, ravenous keeps doing hits till Vice lands, where there’s 22 frames of recovery.
MK version starts with 200x2 hits, then the rest of the hits are 100 damage per hit.
RH version constantly hits, every other frame.

Mayhem: QCB + P
All versions:
down/-9 block mid parry high not airblockable
LP: 800 9/19/28
MP: 900 7/22/28
HP: 1000 6/25/28


Withering Force: QCF x 2 + P
Command throw
All versions: 5+27/1/20
5 frames of startup before flash, jump for next 27 frame, only
1 frame to grab (frame 33)
Grab range: 52 pixels from landing spot.
Airborne from frames 7-32

Lvl 1: frames 1-9 full body invincible
Lvl 2: frames 1-15 full body invincible
Lvl 3: frames 1-23 full body invincible

Negative Gain: HCB x 2 + P
Command throw.
All versions: 76 pixels grab range
5+1/1/52 (5 frames of startup before flash, 1 frame of startup after flash)
airborne from 19-30

Lvl 1: 2600 frames 1-7 full body invincible
Lvl 2: 3800 frames 1-15 full body invincible
Lvl 3: 5500 frames 1-23 full body invincible

Interesting how her close s.lp has a 2-frame startup and +8 frame advantage. That’s Iori/Geese level.

Makes me wonder if it’s possible to do: xx close s.lp xx cr.fp xx qcb+fp, dp+k, s.lp, c.hp xx qcb+hp, dp+K

the s.lp will 95% of the time be a far s.lp, which has the same stats as c.lp, for, close s.lp to come out you’d have to be exactly next to the opponent and do a perfect rapid fire chain

i like close s.lp, c.hp as a combo starter, starting low at 4 frames isnt as good as starting mid at 2 frames IMO

when opponent is in the corner though, better use the following:, s.lp, c.hp xx hcf+hk.

gets them out of corner, and 2 hops later you can be ready for a meaty attack :clap:, c.lp, c.hp xx qcb+hp, juggle with tigerkneed qcb+mk in corner

im having probs with the c.hp. Ive gotten so used to using the standing lp,, into qcb hp

why would you use that? If you can’t do, c.lp, c.hpxxxqcb+hp then do c.lkx3 qcb+hp. Using s.lp, s.lkxxqcb+hp makes no sense unless i’m missing something :confused:

for some reason it only hits certain people. ill try the other version though thanx

after playing around with vice some, I’m gonna have to say her c lp x2 c hp link is rigged…I can start point blank and some times the c hp WHIFFS, I mean, if I mess up the link fine, but WHIFF???

…am I doing something wrong…(my execution sucks), or should I just try c lp x3 from now on…maybe it has something to do with the other guy crouching, I dunno, I only test this stuff when I actually play

also, does anyone crouch vice’s close st lp? haven’t tested…still new with vice

thanks in advance

can anyone list some damaging cc’s or direct somewhere to find some? i wanna pick her up as a mess around char in a-groove.

…in a sai-rec combo vid she did a crazy 15 hit tiger knee’d lk ravenous on sagat to dizzy, then set up the cc with cross up j lk st lp lp lp -> shoulder -> sleeve them into corner -> activate -> st lp xN, vertical sj ravenous -> land -> whiff st lp -> vsj ravenous…

of course, since that was sai rec it might not be the best thing to try haha

I think she can do shoulder -> sleeve -> shoulder -> sleeve… as cc too, but I don’t use a-groove unless I’m messing around so I don’t really remember

vice’s s.:mp: and s.:hk: can be used to fight off sakuras s.:hk:

examples at 0:23 and 0:27 here: [media=youtube]jufnNMKRC78[/media]

alotta people also primarily jumpin with :lk:, but keep in mind :mp: is also decent to use.
you’ll get more hit stun and damage out of it over :lk:

I like to use lj.HP, beats a lot of stuff.