Vice --> N- Groove




Wuz up folks im working with vice and loving her regardless of the damage she takes and gives. I tried her in C groove because of the “air block” factor, but later placed her in the N groove along with Guile and Vega. Anywho I need some nice combo’s/ keepaway tatics other than:


jumping in lk, jp, lk, shoulder, air snatch

jumping fp, lp, fp, shoulder, air snatch


rc shoulder ram as a wake up or through fireballs

random air snatch to ground snatch tryin to mimic the “psychic uppercut” with shoto’s

Ive also found that certain characters fireball goes through you regardless of rc if you do the ground snatch during a medium or fast fireball [happened on sagat about 5 time in a match].

Well any help will be greatly appreciated.

Koop out**


Good post Koop, im waiting to see what othes add since I want to learn Vice.

Why is she good in N-groove? What are good teammates? What about strats to set up her grapples?


Thanks man :cool:
I’ve tackled her in N-groove due to the small jump run factor. With the small jump you can small jump Lk right into her QCBx2 [any kick]. Or my running into an RC shoulder, throw or in certain instances Ive stop at footsweep range and smacked that standing MP or FP.

Now I added her along with my Guile and Vega due to the keep away/ air factor / hit box timing. Ive also noted all three have that quick [and I mean quick] two in one supers…

As far as her grapples, Ive [against a few K-grooves at the NC major] did her lightning kick [sorry dont know the terminology] from the air and immediatly went into an RC drag grapple into air throw. Or what Ive been trying to mimic from Ricky Ortiz [what he did with Morrigan] is the run up on a downed character and upon your opponents get up RC ground slam [ the one where the skull comes out]

Just something, I am really enjoying using Vice due to the fact everyone I play don’t know how to fight against her. This really showed in tournament and casual play.


I posted some vice stuff in the other thread. but i’ll post some here. and are really good pokes, u will get mad counter hits off of these.

-never use s.hp outside of a-groove or unless u know for sure it’s gonna hit. so basically s.hp should be the last button u ever press

-all of her specials rc’d are really good, especially command grab, just whiff and rc command grab as they r getting up and they’ll most likely blow a super or reversal that puts them at a disadvantage.

-crossup, lpx3,, is a good poke string to use against all characters.

-walking and running jabs are a must for vice, keeps her on the opponent and u can mix it up with short jump hp into shoulder tackle.

-jumping qcb+k is really good, and so is tk’d qcb+k. she can buffer a j.lp or mp into jumping qcb+k, this is really effective against c-groove.

-standing hk is a good anti-air, and rc shoulder tackle is a good AA also

-her crouching mp and mk both hit low

-hcbx2+k is her best super. qcfx2+p is personally my super of choice becuase it sets up so many things. I have many setups to land this super (sorry but i gotta keep these a secret), but your main goal is to not land the super. basically u wanna scare your opponent into doing something stupid so u can retaliate.

well that’s it for now, i’ll post more stuff later. btw, i see that babygirl has taken place of your other av’s koop

edit: forgot to add that her qcb+lk blade kicks are a good anit air also



Good stuff Cali, yeah babygirls month this time around:p

I will have to try that string and see how it works for my advantage…:cool: **


i 4got to add but when u fight smaller characters take the out of the string, it will completely miss. instead go straight to the, and if u r lucky u’ll be able to get another one for a counter hit


What groove do you use Cali? And what is your team w/ Vice?


N groove:

vice/kim/ken R2
vice/chun/ken R2
vice/ryu/ken R2



I work Vice with

Vice/ Vega R2/ Cammy N-groove

Vice/ Honda/ Guile R2

PS- RC drag throw into air throw is the shyt!!!


PLEASE tell me how you do RC drag throw… :slight_smile: I cannot RC that move.

I thought it was impossible actually…



MS, the motion is QCB-F + anypunch

Ok this is what I did the last couple of nights over my friends and he did wakes ups from characters like Ryu, Maki, and Hibiki. Ryu just went through me, Maki got her ass dragged and so did Hibiki. Ok, now the trick:

Ive taught mysefl to consider this move similar to a charge character or as Ricky once said to it at the very end…double tap to the designated button.

So it would be like this QCB-F + [lk+lp] immediate FP

Arrgghh this is something I wish you were standing here to show you than type it:lol: :lol: If ya want you can call me or I call you to explain it better…holla at me through pms. But its about the Forward and the combination of the last buttons. Your QCB should even be the worry. It the Forward. Because in the beginning I was gettin shoulder ram as a read. Now it comes out very nice as a freebie in the corner.

Now can someone help me with that bitch Chun Li. Arrrrgh.**


So her drag throw isn’t HCB, F+P? That’s news to me.

… huh?


yes it is


It is QCB F + P. But we are Roll Canceling it. I am explaining the motions into doing so. Its still the same motions and such but I am explaining the steps into getting the invincibilities of the move…


hmmmm, i always though it was hcb,f+P. So i’ve been doing extra work for no reason:lol: , well, now that i know this i guess my vice can become even scarrier.

Lately i’ve been ticking into her hcf+p throw. I do it mostly off of a early and throw as soon as i land. Another way i do it is off of a knockdown. I do a running meaty jab, and go into hcf+p.
I’m going to experiment with close and close tick into hcf+P


**Odd shyt lately

  • Sagat can smack the hell out of your sleeve if you miss or timed right during the motion

  • Her air snatch takes out a small jump

  • A just defended air multikick give a k-groover instant rage:eek:

  • Her taunt timed goes under fireballs…:lol: :lol: ****

**** - credit given to babygirl even though she accidently did it:p

  • Any move that extend forward with a motion will can still be snatched

[] Beginning of Honda’s head butt
] Beginning of Terry charge move (where he flys across the screen)
[] Blankas back hop (unless RC’d )
] Maki’s back run ( screen length depending)
[*] more coming after testing!!! :slight_smile:

  • let geese do a predictable (reverse throw) from half screen…too funny:lol:

  • Athena can be snatched out of her QCBx2 + p super ( lv 1 & 2’s )