Vice - Sketch

The Final image will be uploaded, but for now , Im just seeing what you guys think ,here are my questions.

What should I do to improve it?
What coloring style should I color it in?

Its going to be really dark with shadows like a comic book style but soft , its hard to explain its just my style of drawing.

But c&c would be cool.

Ears/boobs look a 'lil too big and the eyes look a 'lil small. Certainly an expression that’s not too in-character of her too. But I like it.

I’d like to try my hand at coloring the final version btw, if you’ve gone about ULing that.

Not quite done yet , I will probably finish the lines tonight , whats your email I can send a high rez version.

its nice, id make the tongue less dog-ish

Chances are it’ll be similar to my earlier stuff though, as I’m not well-versed in CG coloring.