ViciousSlash,here are the goods

Hey VS as promised here are the goods that Da Game has delivered.Have fun

Here’s one

And another…

Re: Re: ViciousSlash,here are the goods

One more

hey man thats some cool stuff,you made the original sprites into women sprites?

Da Game found these babies on a website a while back.The site is not up anymore but it was worth the look.Plus these are the transformations from Demitri’s Midnight Bliss super move from SNKvsCapcom

I posted the site a while back ago. Good thing you saved them. Can you post the Athena one I forgot to save it.

Da Game can…but forgot to save it too.However,improvision is necessary.Enjoy

OK can nayone post the Midnight Blissed Athena sprite someone must have saved it. I love that sprite it reminds me of…

oh it is,cool man.

that’s cool…got anymore?

Okie dokie , got um.

dam!that chun-li one sorta turns me on…geez those nockers!:eek:

How about her?..(check next reply)

…or her?

nope sorry the chun-li one still owns…she has a very kinky pose to…:stuck_out_tongue:

bumps thread

keep ‘em comin’ :cool: