- Hitbox/Stick modding - sticks/stuff for sale - will ship!

alright sounds cool how much do you charge?


Lock-in this Friday at Gemini Arcade Palace, $10 for 12 hrs of gaming 8pm-8am

I’ll be there, so if anyone wants their joysticks worked on, bring it in and I can do it for you!

Will you be available Saturday anytime during the Palomino tournament?

Yes I will, forgot to mention that. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to mod your PS2 stick unless you have a 360 controller you’re willing to sacrifice.

Hmm…a couple questions first then:

  1. I have no problem getting a xbox 360 controller. Will the SF4 360 pad be alright to use?
  2. Will the finished product have one cable coming out of the stick or two?
  3. The stick I’m requesting modifications for is originally an Arcade in the Box stick, this is highly unlikely but will this cause any issues?
  4. Since the modifications for my stick may require extra labor and/or parts, will it cost more than $80? (Figured I’d ask since I’m requesting PS2/PS3/360 compatibility)
  5. This is for cosmetics only, but do you happen to have extra rubber feet for screws? One corner is missing one.

Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions, as tedious as they may be.

  1. this? If so, yes
  2. 1, and you will be able to plug in anything GC, PS1/2, etc. because they can plug in using RJ-45. I can make the cable as well as long as you provide the cords
  3. No because it’s just a shell since we’re putting all new boards in there
  4. Yes since I have to pad hack the fight pad and install the neutrik jack, I have to research before giving you a quote.
  5. No, but I’m sure I can find something at home depot or whatever. OR, consider ordering these:
    WTS: Brushed Aluminium feet *FREE SFxTekken pin-buttons while stock lasts!
    I can install those as well
  1. Cool, that’s the one I got.
  2. Awesome. Will the current cord connected to the Street Fighter pad suffice for a PS3/360 RJ-45 Cable?
    2.5. Regarding GameCube or other consoles, would it be alright if I provided you the controller and you just rip the cord from there? (Probably a dumb question but I just want to make sure.)
  3. Regarding quote research: You’re welcome to take as much time as necessary in generating a quote. I’m sure that you’re going to be exceptionally busy with all the orders you’re going to get and I’m not in much of a hurry.
  4. Those are REALLY freakin’ cool. I’ll have to consider it.

Thanks again for answering my questions.

  1. :slight_smile:
  2. Yes
  3. Yes and if you don’t want to sacrifice a gamecube cord, I have some and I will charge $10 to make you one.
  4. Cool
  5. Lemme know if you want to order and I’ll get a couple sets to offset cost/shipping. I can currently use 2 so find someone else and we can get the cheaper price for getting 4

Also, someone order something and we’ll get 15% off our order haha

I just bought the red brokentier Latif Edition Tiger shirt, limited to 150 prints

I think I’ll take your offer on that gamecube cord. As for the badass metal feet, I’ll have to think it over after I receive your quote.

Just wanted to give a big thanks to JedahScythe and du ma balrog for getting their sticks modded at PUN this weekend. Also, Prinny check your PMs!

I got some parts in and I can now mod 360 TEs, *most *360 sticks that are not TEs, and a Hori VLX. I must say those Hori’s are sexy, amirite du ma balrog?

Updated my initial post with prices!

i got my VLX modded, i fking love it. works perfect and he’s always down to help! highly recommend dealing with vicko

I’ve know vicko for years… he’s a stand up guy! Just thought i’d put that out there. When I get a ps3 i’ll for sure have him dual mode my 360 TE (or take a gamble on a super cool Korean stick… or both)

haven’t been on in a while but had my 360 TE duel modded by Vick he’s a great guy great price and also really good quality for a really short time definitely recommend him

Got my SFxTK stick modded by Victor. Good shit. Recommended.

Updated my first post with new prices/services and items for sale/looking to buy. Thanks everyone!

can you mod a xbox360 MVC2 fight stick to also work for the regular xbox? and im glad you live in vegas. i have 2 tekken fight sticks and NIB 2 MVC3 fight pads let me know if you want any of these for parts. and do you mod those hitbox controllers or know anyone that is selling a hitbox controller?


and are you selling or willing to trade on that superman fight stick that you have on your facebook page?


Hey, yes I can mod your fight stick to work on xbox, it’s $100 and that includes compatibility with ps3 and a slew of other consoles. I will need a controller cable from an xbox controller that you might not need anymore, or else I will have to buy one and I’ll tack that onto the price. What fight pads are they, can you link a pic? I don’t need the 2 tekken sticks but I can probably mod them for you and then you can use/resell. As far as the hitbox I can mod but I don’t know who is selling any in town, but I can make one for you!

That superman stick isn’t for sale but I can make you one!