- Hitbox/Stick modding - sticks/stuff for sale - will ship!

Hey I live in Las Vegas, NV and I’m a travelling modder. I work side by side with @Gummo, @DaRabidDuckie, Marvelous Customs @jjordona, and @jdm714. I can dual/tri/quad mod, repair sticks, and customize with LEDs or artwork.

Prices include parts, labor and shipping:
360 or PS3 Mod: $100
PS4 or XB1 Mod: $140
Quad Mod with Brook UFB: $200
Multi-Mod with RJ-45 jack (GC/PS1/PS2/etc.) compatibility: $120 includes USB cable and Neutrik
Install with your parts provided: PM for quote

Additional cables per console: $10
Misc Repair/wiring - PM for quote
USB cable replacement - $25

Custom Artwork and Plexi: $65 with design by @d3v

You can check out my website or Instagram for work I’ve done:

Please email me at vivovicko at gmail or use my website contact form: for faster replies

Te2 PCB Cover $12 shipped
VS PCB Cover $12 shipped
Chun Li Blue PCB Cover $20 shipped
Razer Atrox PCB Bottom Half $6 shipped

All PCBs unless noted are USED/have been soldered to. Buy at your own risk.

TE2 Xb1 PCB $16 shipped (10 available)
NEW TE2 XB1 Turbo Panel PCB $11 shipped
TE-S PCB $16 shipped (11 available)
TE-S White Evo Stick PCB $26 shipped
TE Round 1 PCB $16 shipped (6 available)
Madcatz Headset Connectors $11 (7 available) shipped
Madcatz 360 Fightpads $11 shipped (7 available)

NEW (no box) PS360+ $40 shipped )17 available)
old model PS360 $26 shipped
NEW Akishop Headset Connector $11 shipped

Used/hacked Dual Shock 4 $26 shipped (2 available)

TE2 Crossbone Prototype $26 shipped
Xbox One Controller Crossbone (2 available, 1 installed on controller already) $30 shipped
Teasy $16 shipped
Full Cerberus $36 shipped
Advanced Cerberus $26 shipped (40 available)

Hori PS3 VX-SA PCB $16 shipped (3 available)
Hori 360 VX-SA PCB $16 shipped (2 available)
PS4 VLX PCB $46 shipped (3 available)

Chimp $16 shipped
Imp V1 $11 shipped
NEW Imp V2 $16 shipped
TE Kitty $36 shipped (I do not have the VS harnesses)
NEW LED FGWidget (assembled) $20 shipped

Qanba Q4 PCB $16 shipped
Qanba Q2 Glow PCB $16 shipped (2 available)

Razer Xbox 1 Atrox PCB $26 shipped

Microsoft Xbox 1 Controller Complete PCB $26 shipped (15 available)
Microsoft Xbox 1 Controller PCB Top Half (11 available) $11 shipped

Kaimana J 1.0 (17 available) $3 shipped
Kaimana 30mm Pele(10 available) $3 shipped
Kaimana 24mm Pele (8 available) $3 shipped
Kaimana Pele Adapters (10 available) $3 shipped
Kaimana Pele Adapter Harness (5 available) $1 shipped
Kaimana 1.0 Short Connector (3 available) $1 shipped
Kaimana 1.0 10in Connector $1 shipped
Kaimana 1.0 15in Connector $1 shipped

Universal S Bracket $12 shipped
JLF S Bracket $11 shipped
Seimitsu Bracket $11 shipped
JLF Bracket $11 shipped

MKX SPDT Switches (can be used for anything) $4 shipped

I have to say that I had Vicko dual mod my stick and it’s worked perfectly. It’s an original XBox 360 Street Fighter 4 TE stick and I use it everywhere I go.

Not looking for too much except a simple dual mod, can you hook it up?

Yeah, what kind of stick do you have now?

He does a good job. He even spent the time on my already modded stick to make it stock just to remod it with a better mod.

Quite the champion. He won’t do you wrong.

im up for it, can you dual mod my hori vlx? it’s a 360

I have to order the board for it but yes, it can be done! PM me with your info and I’ll get with you on the details.

Hori RAP Ex

how much do you charge to dual mod a 360 TE?

PMed all of the above

I bought a stick from Vicko since I wanted a Dual Mod to work on both PS3 and Xbox360 so when I go to tournaments I don’t have to borrow a stick anymore and it has worked great. I been using it to play SSFIVAE and have had no problems at all and can not wait to use it at the next tournament!!!

I’ll be next in line.

You should also post a link to this in the Vegas Thread.

I shall, thanks! I’m currently out of parts so I don’t want to get in over my head haha
I posted in a few places on facebook and just working off word of mouth.

I currently have a ps2 stick I’ve been contemplating to have modded…would it be possible for you to make it work for the PS3, 360, as well as its original configuration?

The new version of PS360 is supposed to support other consoles besides ps3 and 360, so I’ll keep you posted.

hey i asked you if i could buy a ps360+ board from you in FB. lemme know when you get some.

yea kool another modder. maybe now il stop getting asked question at tourneys

actually i may have some questions for you since I know there’s another local modder haha

yea np i like doing soldering when im in the mood to do it. mostly do the ps360 not really a mod but i do install them. TEASY mod too and even pad hacking them 360 fight pads. etc etc