Victim of hit and run


Could use some advice here. I have not been in an at fault or not at fault accident in over a decade so I’m new to this process. I parked my car downtown on the street. Dozens of people are walking around so there must have been plenty of witnesses. My car was sideswiped while I was gone. The damage was fairly minor. I didn’t notice it or the note on my car from the witness until I got on the highway which was my first mistake because apparently cops won’t do a diagram if it’s not on the scene.

I pull over at an exit about 10 minutes way after I notice the flapping note under the wiper blade. I called it in and finally the cop shows up and she’s borderline irate that she had to drive out there to do the inspection. She asks me 3 times how or why I couldn’t see the note while sighing each time. Her generally impatient and rude behavior worries me that she’s not really going to look into it.

Before the cop arrived I called the witness (who hints at wanting a reward) who gives me an license plate number and the make and color of the vehicle. I give this info to the cop and she’s upset I didn’t get the witness last name or an identity of the person who hit my car yet she had all the information she needed to contact the witness herself.

I am more than a little concerned this cop will do a half hearted investigation and the is guy won’t be found and his insurance then won’t be required to pay for it. I did notify the insurance company so hopefully they can get something done. I also tried to look up the guy’s license plate but couldn’t.

Are there any procedures that cops have to follow when processing these incidents? Does that cop have to call the witness and note that? How can I verify they did? I did receive a case number for the inspection. Thanks in advance.


Considering how many of those types of side swipes end up not getting noted by the witness…they probably gonna get lazy. I’m sure the cops are just thinking “man if that witness just didn’t put that note there we could be doing something else”.


She was not happy that was for sure.