Victor: GuMz -Avatar Battle- Free Vs. GuMz

Alright. Here we go.




sweet q ava voted for that one…

that q wasnt done too well, twelve by default.

when dose this poll end lol

The Twelve one is rape! Way to make my favorite character look awesome… dood!

Yo can i use that Q av lol?

Alright it’s done. You got 10. Sorry I didn’t notice earlier.

EDIT: I guess I could shrink the Av to non prem, but it’ll be late tommorow.

Maybe we should make this shit official, and keep up a score tab or something. . … . .wait why am I Tat guy? . .damn it. .

nah i didnt mean it like that i just didnt see a date i was like wait theres something missing lol

thnx dood i was happy of this av haha

dillon ask free


Good shit man. :tup:

That Twelve is beast, I didn’t even know there was a sprite of him like that :o.

I look foward to the next time we battle.

GuMz, what, have you become buddy? :rofl: You’re 3-0… you’re unstoppable. But yeah, it’s like I’m always saying “Twelve isn’t bad, it’s the player that’s bad.” Twelve can win in the right hands and today, :sad: GuMz led my little buddy Twelve to victory. :tup: Good show… dood.

lol yep its a frame from this

and i just colored it =] i look forward to the next as well young grasshopper haha

lol ill meet mines soon lol

lol any of ur characters can win lol

Thanks =d

Nice Q man.

Eh, I went ahead and resized it now. Had nothing else to do. Sent it to you in PM. I’m not sure if the file size is too big.

lol hmm making me wanna challenge you gumz :lol:


fuck it i challenge you to mortal kombat…i mean a tag battle…:rofl:

you choose the theme

ok but after the tourny