Victoria 2011

Well since things are slowly building in Victoria I figure we should work to get a thred going.

Yeah. YEAH! If you haven’t joined already, here’s our Facebook page. We have gotten together as a group a decent bit now, and are getting better.
Victoria, BC, Canada’s Fighting Game Scene | Facebook

Next tournament coming up soon.

Wtb more activity here. Xbl accounts as well.

Slowly people are posting! How did the last tourney at stain go?

Yo, good to see there is some other life here in Victoria. Me and a few friends meet pretty regularly to play fighting games. Mostly SSF4 and BB, but we have been known to bust out other random games that we all suck at, like MVC2, Vampire Saviour, HDR, Melty Blood, etc. I’m subscribing to this thread and joining the facebook group; hopefully we can make it out to some future gatherings.

There has been no activity since I showed up. I’m down for offline though. Add jpg1980 too

I suppose I should try to get to this thread a little more often. Stain tourney was solid tonight, random only has some odd non-sense. Great to see new people, gotta work to build up that scene.

oh theres a Victoria thread? haha I only use SRK forums for Vampire Savior (on ggpo)

Theres beena few gatherings and mini-tournaments last few months.

Yesterday there was a ‘tournemant’ @ stain (owner forced us Random character select and it was meh…) and after that a gathering @ my house.

Theres also a FB page here Login | Facebook

yes the tournament was dumb. dans place was fun though. thx for hosting dan:P
people in the area jpg1980 360, jpg_1980 psn

I’m probably going to host a tournament in February at UVic; I posted about it on the Facebook group’s wall. I’d appreciate some feedback on entry fees, the date/time, etc.

Make sure all the details are put here so people might stumble into it. This thread is how I found u guys

Check this thread out if you are up for participating in Canada wide rankings for 3S/CVS2/MVC2/ST/HF/CE/A3/A2.

It’s to get people interested in the older games again.

Don’t worry if there are only a few of you in your region for any particular game, everyone is pretty much in the same boat in that regard.

subscribed to this thread.

Unfortunately my home-alone ends on Feb 15th (read: cant do anymore late night gatherings) but I wanna host another 1 some weekend before 15th.
Theres also that scrubby Gottacon tournamnt thing which ssf4 is on the Feb 5th I believe?
Also if you haven’t read it on the FB page, this is what they answered regarding usage of sticks.

We have taken the " no arcade stick stance" this year . Our primary reason for this is to allow a level playing field for players who do not have that periphial available to them. I have discussed this with Gottacon and they have asked if they can acquire two arcade sticks to use will we allow it and I have told them i will. I havent heard back as of yet if this will be the case or not so plan to use only a MS 1st party controller.
We are glad to be able to bring tournament play to victoria’s gaming community.

lol @ that. This isnt really surprising since its run by the same ppl that banned Seth and Gouken for last years sf4.
We’re just gonna appear there with 2 sets of stick so its ‘a level playing field’ or w/e and see how that goes.


Yeah, a friend and I checked out the Gottacon tourney last year, and it was pretty bad. Not only did they ban sticks, but people who brought them couldn’t even try to use them because we were in a movie theatre, like 30 feet away from the console. And their format was like a single best of 5 match, instead of best of 3 best of 3s. Tsukino Con at UVic is apparently having an SF4 tourney too, but my friend who is one of the people in charge of running the games says he’ll probably also ban sticks.

So yeah, the tourney I will host will not be banning any characters or arcade sticks. It’ll hopefully be on February 19th; I’m just waiting on confirming the room booking with UVic.

sounds like win. i vote u guys come to vancouver the weekend of that gottacon stuff(feb 5th) for a tournament there. good players with sticks. they also have ae at the venue so getting to use/vs yun/yang would be nice. maybe they’re even sneaky and have some stuff unlocked.

yay for scrubs/casuals that don’t know anything about the game.

well unfortunately we cant go to van on Feb5 cuz we already bought tickets but if theres a big tourny in Van in the future, will def consider it.

Wheres the venue btw?(i dont really know the van ssf4 scene)


how much r tickets btw? cause im debating as of 45 minutes ago to go or not considering my phone bill was bananas. puts me behind in the evo fund

anybody for a gathering this weekend? even if just at that cafe again