Victoria 2011

would tommorow (saturday) work for peeps? at my place again.

pm me your number?

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^.haha. its
two five zero, two two zero, nine six six five.

lol! k ill make room my bad:P ty btw

Alright, the official thread for the upcoming tournament is here, and the facebook event is here. Get hype and spread the word!

just as I expected, the gottacon ‘tournament’ was pretty badly run by ppl that dont know how to run 1.
I have no excuse to losing to teh hakan player tho :frowning:

Looking forward to Uvic tourny.

I wish I knew this thread existed earlier. I posted on the FB group wall, but add me to XBL: Plugasauras. SSF4 and MVC3 when it comes out next week. I will most likely be able to host sessions at my house if there is interest.

I am not a very good player (read: below average) but don’t mind getting bodied. Cheers.

Hey dude. If u wish add jpg1980 and I’ll throw down ssf4 when I’m dome work around 330 or 4. Also there is a tournament at uvic this weekend. A link is in thread and on fb. With regards to hosting people here seem to get together often but it was at an individuals house whom can no longer host. If u host often I’m sure they will love u. Lastly maybe a few play on 360 with 3/4 on ps3.

Oh, the date on the tourney says the 19th? If it’s this weekend, I can’t make it as I am off to Vegas tomorrow night. I’ll be back on sunday then I’m on vacation from work for that whole week, so maybe I’ll host a SSF4/MVC3 session on maybe Tuesday or Wednesday night?

I have a 360, 2 TE sticks and a good TV so at least there’s that covered. I’ll add you to my XBL when I get home from work tonight, maybe you can body me for an hour or so haha.

Just to clarify, the tournament is next weekend, on the 19th. But yeah Brinson, Im not a great player yet either (no fighting game experience at all before SF4), and I just made the switch from pad to stick so Im even worse than normal right now, so maybe we can get bodied together lol

It is a rule, if you want a tourney run right you pretty much have to run it yourself.
That said that gottacon tourney, why, why did they start at 11pm?

I think you meant to say

  1. why did they only make it 1 match?
  2. Why did they divide the winners and losers and make it round robin out of no where.

answer: because its run by clueless ppl

anyone down for mvc3 sessions this week? I’d be stoked to play non-offline. I can easily host, as long as you don’t turn out to be a cleptomaniac or a total weirdo.

wednesday im down. i never really played marvel much but im prob gonan pick up 3 and get into it

Thanks to everyone who came out to the tournament!

The final results were, from 1st to 3rd:
MVC3: Matt (talking_chicken), Adam, Steve (Pheonix T Magnum)
SSF4: Joe, Dan, Jon (Nybb)

I think we had something like 8 for Marvel, and ~14 (I think there was originally 14 in the bracket, but there was one no-show) for Super. We also managed to have enough equipment and stuff to get everything done quickly. Overall, I think it turned out half-decent, considering I was just making things up as I went. I’ll definitely look into doing something like that again in the near future, perhaps at the end of March. Oh yeah, and let me know if anybody has any feedback or suggestions as to what could be done better in the future.

Shout outs to Mat Cadorin for managing the brackets on his laptop, and to talking_chicken, Rhett, Fitz, and Rob for helping to move the CRTs around. Also, shout outs to all the people I played in the SSF4 tourney, whom every single one of counterpicked my Honda with Guile, hahaha (minus Joe’s sweet Balrog). Time for me to study up on that matchup :slight_smile:

If that no show was me. Sorry guys. I live in Nanaimo (ugh) and tripping to Vic isn’t as simple as I’d like it to be sometimes.

No, I don’t think it was you. Somebody (Danny?) said that their friend was trying to come after he got off work and to leave a spot for him in the bracket, but the friend ended up not being able to make it in time.

thanks for Vampire Savior on big screen =)

Capcom’s hidden gem.

Sunday MvC 3 tourney at Stain

sunday, at stain 7pm, marvel you can check out their facebook page.

It should be good, time to decide which kind of marvel player you are ie one who plays sentinel or one who dies a little inside every time they see OTG rocket punch to super…

[-super-fighting-game-tournament-deluxe-2-march-26-a-268436/#post10390876http://"]Another tournament coming up!]([victoria-bc) Since nobody died and most everybody had a good time at the last one, I figured I would organize another one. Invite more people and get hype!