Victoria 2011

So in the off chance that there are some people who read this forum and aren’t part of the facebook group, there is a tourney this weekend at UVic. Login | Facebook

Bumping for another tournament. If for some reason you see this thread and aren’t part of our Facebook Group, you should probably join that, because we use that to communicate instead of this thread.

Tournament Details (copypasted from the FB event):

I think we need more sf related posts and less posts telling people to ignore our thread.

inviting people to throw down in my new dungeon. 250-634-3102 if u wish to know where to go.

Thanks for everyone who came out. Great tournament, great experience. Next event will hopefully be in another month or so. In the mean time, if anybody isn’t aware, we usually get together on Wednesday evenings for games. Check out the Facebook group for the exact times and locations.

[COLOR=#c0c0c0]MVC3: 1st - Eric, 2nd - Raph, 3rd - Jon
SSF4AE: 1st - Joe, 2nd - Jon, 3rd - Jeff
Slap Happy Rhythm Busters: 1st - James, 2nd - Doug, 3rd - Matt[/COLOR]


yo victoria, whats up.

Miller - I saw your name here… we met at HQ when you were visiting Zak / Steve.

Anyway, I’m coming to Victoria next week (Wednesday morning until Sunday) to visit a pal. nothing special planned, I might have some free time and therefore would like to maybe get together with some of you guys to jam some games.

let me know if you guys get together somewhere and are willing to have a calgary guy swing on by.

Hope to hear from ya. Peace, and if you are at EVO good luck and have fun.

edit: saw that you guys gather on Wednesdays… what time and where at? sorry, I’m not on facebook. If you guys can fill me in on the details I’d love to join you!

Our Wednesdays should usually be at 1030 North Park, starting at around 7pm. We aren’t confirmed yet there for this coming Wednesday, but I’ll let you know once we find out for sure. If that doesn’t happen, we’ll just be at somebody’s house.

cool man, thanks. if you wouldn’t mind just update this page when you know :slight_smile:
hopefully i’ll see you on wednesday!

If there is not a gathering at that place im sure we’ll be having people here. Here being miller’s house btw(me = roomate)

Hey, I’m on the UVic campus right now if you guys are having a session tonight. Just point me in the right direction.

EDIT: realized that there might be a different location than UVic, if it’s somewhere else I can just catch a bus.

We’re going to Joe and Miller’s house. I’ve PM’d you the address and my number.

Glad I got to attend your get together, I had fun playing with you guys. Rents were pissed as shit when I got back to the hotel though, lol.

Victoria scene is very much alive and we’re always down for new people…so bumped:P

Also 99% of our activity is here:

Bumping to (sort of) announce another tournament at UVic in the near future, likely on October 15th or 16th. More details as they come.

What! A new post on the forums, this cant be right…

Finally got confirmation for the room booking at UVic. Spead the word.

I’m apparently not allowed to format links nicely right now (SRK post editor is being screwy?) so here’s the Facebook event. Everyone should go there and click “attending” (or post that you are coming in this thread) so I can know approximately how many to expect.

Bumping to remind everyone about the next tournament coming up this Saturday the 19th at UVic (Same location as the last one), starting at around 1pm again. $5 entrance, and we’ll have UMVC3 and AE. Should be a good time since nobody will have been practicing marvel for more than five days, haha.

Happy New Year! Hope you guys are still using this thread. This is BionicFraud a player/organizer in Vancouver. Canadian Joysticks and CrossXover will be helping run the fighting game tournaments at Gottacon 2012 in Feb. So I’ve been looking around the threads and found the past fighting game events at Gottacon have been unsavory due to lack of knowledge and organization. Besides that were there any other problems such as lack of setups, lagging setups etc. Even though I know the tournaments are within a convention, which never works out well (I’d know from LANcouver 2011), we want to make this a success to help the Victoria scene grow. Eventually I hope both the Vancouver and Victoria scene both get big enough so we can have a rivalry that of NorCal and SoCal.

I made an event thread for it and I hope you guys can put in suggestions, concerns and comments to help us out!

nice! good post.
told my friend robin, hopefully he attends.

there might be a Canada Cup Gaming event coming up at the end of March in Vancouver.
hope all of you make it if it happens!

hi… new to the forum. i would like to attend in feb. would it be at uvic again?