Victoria 2012


Alright, so we have people out on the island that do play and we also have the occasional event that takes place. We do a lot through a facebook group (Victoria, BC, Canada’s Fighting Game Scene). We are always looking for new people on the island who want to meet up and play.


Anybody playing the UMvC3 tourney tonight at the anime con at the university?


SF x T! and potentially a tournament coming up on the 30th or 31st at UVic.

It’s so quiet in here…


Hello…[SIZE=4]Hello[SIZE=2]…Hello[SIZE=1]…Hello [/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]


Day 35, still no sign of anyone else. I will continue to post on occasion to keep my sanity.

They mostly come at night, mostly…


Hello does anyone use this other than M. Miller? Always down for some locals so if anyone else is too let me know. I play mostly brawler/ grapper chars in most games. Big SF and KOF fan. I love tekken too. (who doesnt?)


This is the saddest thread I have ever seen.


People! Have they come to steal my thread! They wants the precious GOLLUM but they cants has it…


No just some of your nuts.they were quite tasty


Hi there I just moved from the north island down here, tried joining up on the Facebook page but hasn’t gone through yet. I might be able to host a few people over for local games, except my ps3 decided to die right before TTT2.


Throw me a pm with your bookface name.


Whoa, Osbjorn? Like my XBL Hakan bro? Do you live around Victoria, or were you just in the thread randomly?


Browsing randomly, im from vancouver area(white rock specifically). I looked at this thread and felt upset that it had no activity. If your ever near white rock give me a buzz through srk.


Looks like we have a few events already planned for the weekend so il try a gathering for my place next saturday? Besides the broken ps3 right now I have 2 Older 360 models, Asus VH242H and VH236 Monitors, and a Qanba and ps3 TE Stick.

Just most of my games I have here are ps3.


Most of us in Vic are on Xbox, so we wouldn’t have any trouble bringing games over if you have consoles.




Sup brah
Who be u?


I’m the new guy!
I’ve gained and lost interest in fighting games for years. Lost interest repeatedly because I know nobody who plays them. Played Soul Calibur IV back when. Recently got SSF4, and found this thread. Is it possible that there’s a small community here? Sent a request almost a week ago at the above mentioned facebook page. But no response. So I don’t know. fingers crossed


your inbox friend


Gonna bring the 2012(+2) Victoria thread back on the first page just incase there was any lurkers around from Vancouver island that didn’t know about the little scene we have going.