The Facebook Event is here, please drop by and click “I’m Attending” if you can make it out. Our Victoria thread is here too, if you see this and don’t know about it for some reason.

Alright guys, it’s time for Round 2. The tournament will take place at UVic, in ECS 125 – this is the same room as last time, for all those who attended. Also hopefully the ground floor stairwell will be unlocked so you don’t have to go up and around to get in this time, haha. You can find a map of the campus here.

I plan to run SSF4 singles and MVC3 singles as the main events, with one special event at the end (more on that later). I’m also down to host anything else that 8+ people sign up for and that we have enough time/setups to run. This could include BlazBlue CS, SF2:HDR, Super Smash Brothers Melee/64, Tekken 6, etc.

I wanna try to start a little earlier this time if possible, so I’m gonna say show up between 12-1pm, and we’ll get Marvel rolling by 2pm. Then we’ll start SSF4 at 6pm, so there is time to grab some dinner before that if you want.

I also wanna try a new event, if we have time: a Mystery Event, if you will. I will pick a random fighting game (no, it will not be something you have heard of, and yes, it will be AWESOME) and we’ll have a quick round of friendlies and then dive into a tournament. It’ll probably just be on a couple laptops via emulator, or maybe on the projector too. There won’t be an entry fee. There may or may not be a REALLY SWEET PRIZE for 1st place though.


The main games will be $10 entry, with a pot split of 50/25/15. The 10% house cut will be used to balance out winnings into even amounts (i.e. if 3rd place should mathematically get $9 or something and i only have 10s i’ll just give them a 10) and given to people whom I co-ordinate with to bring important stuff to UVic. Side events will be whatever people agree to pay, probably $5. There is no general-admittance fee since it isn’t costing me anything to book the venue.

The tournament format:

  • Double elimination, without any seeding
  • SSF4 matches will be the standard: best 2/3 games, where each game is best 2/3 rounds. Winners/Losers/Grand Finals will be best 3/5 games.
  • MVC3 will be best 2/3 rounds, with Winners/Losers/Grand Finals being best 3/5 rounds.
  • Losers of a game/round may change characters (and in SSF4, any player may change Ultras between games).

Responsible behaviour is expected, and I as the host reserve the right to disqualify people or kick people out if that becomes necessary for some reason. Just be nice to people and to the equipment.

Please bring your own controllers (and yes, arcade sticks will be allowed unlike certain other events which shall go unnamed =/). We’ll try to have both 360s and PS3s to accommodate everyone. BRING WHATEVER YOU CAN! i.e. TVs, consoles, games, computer speakers, extra sticks, whatever.