Victoria TX anyone?

I’m tired of playing sf4 online! Anyone in victoria feel like playing sometime let me know. I’m looking to get better and playing online isn’t really doing it for me.

Wow, someone from my hometown looking for competition. I think your best bet on finding good competition would be to travel to another city. Austin has a really strong SSF4 scene, and most people are willing to help if you ask.

If anything, I’m thinking about heading down to victoria to visit family and friends tonight, so hit me up if you’re interested, but keep in mind, I’m not a high level player.

I’m down. 513 vista cove is where I live. My names ray BTW. I’m here all night. I’m a night owl so come on over! I play on ps3 because I have a stick for it, but I have a 360 as well. You can text me at. 3614841861

ray you dont want to get wrecked but yeah i know what you mean man. goin out of town is your best bet id have to say austin and sa are prolly the best for ssf4

Austin , SA , and Houston have A strong Scene in Street fighter.

You have to look for the right scene/group to play to…

Hey guys I usually drop off delivery in Victoria tx every wednesday I leave at 8 am and get there about 11ish and I have 2 hours to kill, so i wouldn’t mind getting in a couple of games in with the vtx peeps, I wish this thread was made earlier, cause all of last year inwould stay in vtx mon-Fri, but yeah we don’t do that anymore, I just make delivery. So I’ll let y’all know when I’m going again ^.^

Cool. I dont really play SF4 too much, I’m still getting the mechanics down, I’m a T6 player…but id love to learn the game from more experienced players.

If you guys get a chance, you should take him up on that, he’s a solid player. Definitely has a strong sim.

You still picking up thawk? I think I played your thawk maybe once or twice. I’m a regular at ufo, maining ibuki.

yeah I still use hawk as my second but it’s sooo tough to win with him :frowning: lol. but yeah vtx, I wouldn’t mind helping you out in yalls games ^.^, I also play mvc2, so just hit me up fellows :tup:

I’m gonna be in victoria around 10 tonight through Monday, if anyone wants to game, message me or text me if you have my number.

nobody wants it.

and i might add ps3 > crap-box 360