VICTORVILLE, CA High Desert area casuals

thinking about hosting casual sf4 nights for people in the high desert. if youre interested let me know so i can get a count and figure out the details.

Dude I’m in.

I live in Yucaipa, I’ll try to make it.

Cool btw what day were planning to do these? I was actually planning to start something like this but until January because I’m in the middle of ending a semester in college.
If I do I was planning to do them on Friday but if you’re going to do them on that day then it’s all yours bro you posted first ^^

I live in Victorville dude LOL
I guess alternating wouldn’t be bad, I wasn’t going to start mine till January 8 though.

Victorville players? Good stuff guys.

This is a good opportunity for the IE!

perfect. do you know a lot of players up here???

definetly bro. closest sf4 arcade is 45 miles away in upland.

Only one day since you posted. It’s lookin’ good.

Yes however none of them care to become high lvl players. All my friends play VERY casually they’re more into FPS and whatnot. I’m the only one who wants to take it to the next lvl per say.

So . . .when exactly were you planning to start these? If you say this friday I’m there :tup:

Yeah im pumped. I know there’s got to be a bunch of hardcore sf4 people up here.

hey masked burrito, do you stay in the high desert?

dude, theres no fucking way you guys made a thread lol
ive been looking all over for people to play with up here and i know about 2-4 people that play seriously in the hd, count me in by all means and i know others who dont post here who play seriously and will be willing to show up just shoot me a pm

im one of e_med’s 2-4 ppl lmao yea im in fosho just lemme know when things plan to get poppin

I will try to be down.
Im from Mentone CA

This is really starting to take shape. I’m thinking dec. 18 to start. It’s a Friday night. I’ll pm u guys with info. Or pm me.

Add me to the Victorville list
wow, a bunch of players just popped up.

I like what I’m seeing here.

yeah its looking good. i pm’d the guys from high desert, next week ill pm the guys outside so we can get this thing big.

where in victorville are you located exactly?