VICTORVILLE, CA High Desert area casuals


Yeah I am on facebook. The only group that I am in is Inland Empire Battle Grounds. Is there another group?


Yes, there is. Tell me your name and I’ll add you on Facebook, or you can add me, whichever you prefer, and I’ll add you to the group. By the way, we are having an event this Saturday for USF4, Melee, and Project M.


Mr. Brent, where will this tournament be at this weekend? I’m located in 29 and would like to come out.


K, I sent a friend request on Facebook. (David R) Anyway, I randomly walked into a computer shop in Hesperia (because I was looking for work lol) and the dude told me that they’re hosting a USF4 tournament. I’m assuming this is the same place?


Awesome! Here is the address and name of the venue:

Titan Computers And Gaming Center
12053 Mariposa Road #H, Hesperia, California 92345

Yes, I’m pretty sure it’s the same place. It’s just on the south side of Bear Valley Rd. which technically counts as Hesperia.


Thank you.


Hey guys. We’ve got a tournament coming up next Saturday (1/24) in Vegas that has managed to land a pretty big pot bonus. Already just shy of $1k and growing.

If you or anyone you know is interested in making their way over to Vegas please spread the word. Thanks!

Registration and info:






This thread is all the memories LOL


It was fun <3


does titan still hold casuals, I just moved to Victorville


Titan never held casuals, just tournaments. What game do you play?


We reviving this, boys?


Damn, well now I play MKX rarely, and USF4.


Do you live in the High Desert? There is an event tomorrow night in Victorville for SFV. Come through if you can!


Where exactly?


Sorry I read this late, but the tournaments will be held Bi-Weekly at a spot near 395, on the Victorville side. Sort of near Silverado High School. If you’re interested in attending, hit up the “High Desert FGC” group on Facebook. Most people check there constantly everyday. There are also Melee, PM, and Smash 4 tournaments on different days if that’s your thing.


I checked out the group on HDFGC, do they host causals for retro fighters i.e. 3s,CVS2, all the old marvel games? If not I still play MKX and USF4


Well guys, this thread will no longer exist very soon. It is responsible for the creation of many friendships and sparked a scene that retired as the best region in Socal for SF4 when the game ended. For anyone that checks here before that happens, I recommend you read through some of the pages for some good memories. Rest In Peace.