Vid Clips of SFA3 V-ism Character VC's on Youtube


For guy’s proximity cancel, i am havin some problems cancelling from the chain into a command move. i have no problems cancelling into a HK move, but i need some advice on how to cancel into guy’s qcb+HP.
Lets say if i wanna cancel into a qcb+HP, i would just tap HP+HK quickly so that the negative edge will do the move, but i cant really pull it out consistently cuz sometimes the qcb HK will come out instead. So can i know wats your input for the move or any tricks that may help?


Yeah, hold the HK to prevent negative edge on the HK.

So, LP-MP-HP qcb+[HK]~HP
(hold the HK and press HP at almost the same time)


Examples of VC tech trap and crossup unblockable escapes: [media=youtube]q5HXnfdA68Q[/media]


Taken from the other VC thread.

I don’t understand how to transition to the CC infinite. Do I fierce > b+fierce then duck and wait for my shadows to hit then jump strong?

I tried fierce > b+fierce then UF+strong to CC strong and it works on the CPU but some reason it is techable by a human player.





In the first one you see the opponent air techs then falls on the shadow of the b+HP which causes them to be put back in a juggle state again. Nekonohi was crouching on purpose; less risk of getting hit by the opponent.

In the second one the opponent doesn’t tech and the setup still works. He whiffs a low tiger shot then cancels it with a whiffed low short, so that the tech window is much closer to the time when the shadow will hit.

The first setup is kind of problematic against characters with walljumps, like Chun and Guy, since it’s possible to walljump after teching. There’s also the risk of the opponent activating VC on the way down. The second one gives less room to air tech, so it isn’t as easy to escape (walljumping wouldn’t work against the second one).

The first one is still a good setup though. It encourages the opponent to tech flip because there’s such a large gap, but if they do tech flip they will be resetting the combo count and therefor the damage scaling. It also encourages them to try burning meter to blow through the setup, but there’s a chance you can DP them if they do.


Oh I see. Thanks for the tip.


I dont know if its been posted anywhere, but

TAS runs of alpha-3 story modes, most chars in V-ism. At the very least, they are entertaining to watch.


I added annotations to this video to explain what’s going on:

Since I doubt anyone read my blog.


I’m struggling with one aspect of Akuma’s combos, the grab after the Demon Flip. I can get the Demon Flip out instantly, so it’s not that. Any help will be most appreciated.



Awesome work man.

Any chance you could post the Cody Transcripts?


What page is the transcript for the Guy vids? I gotta see!! And Ryu!


^I don’t think there is a guy transcript out…I’d like to see it though I’ve been playing this game a lot lately using just Guy. His VCs look so sweet…


Thanks for all this info man, keep on truckin! Appreciate it!


Question, is the VC suppose to be air-techable mid screen? Like when I do Sakura’s B+HP xx lk/mk tatsu, my opponent can recover out of it.


If they’re teching, you’re doing it wrong. You have to cancel one move into another before you hit a neutral state to prevent them from being able to tech.


A transcript for Akuma’s would be nice. Also Ryu.


Birdie combos: [media=youtube]4d0PMR_7wSU[/media]



Old ver stuff.
I really would like someone to help me by posting the inputs of “hadou rave” (combo 3).
…As well as the other combos. I’m trying to learn v ryu and he isn’t the easiest to pick up and play in regards to vism combos. Cody on the other hand= pretty easy.


VC1: crouching Forward->[Fierce Hadouken-> hop kick cancelled into Roundhouse Hurricane Kick] x N

Mid-screen Transportation
VC2: Jab Shoryuken-> far standing Roundhouse-> whiffed hop kick-> Fierce Hadouken-> whiffed hop kick-> [Fierce Hadouken-> whiffed Jab Shoryuken] x N

Hadou Rave
VC1: crouching Short-> Fierce Hadouken-> hop kick-> [Fierce Hadouken-> crouching Forward-> Fierce Hadouken-> hop kick] x N -> crouching Forward-> Roundhouse Hurricane Kick

Red Fireball Starter
VC1: Shakunetsu Hadouken-> whiffed hop kick-> Hadouken or Shakunetsu Hadouken-> whiffed hop kick-> (in corner) [standing Fierce-> whiffed Hadouken] x N

Player 1 Infinite
VC1: Hadou Rave till V-gauge becomes low-> hop kick cancelled into Roundhouse Hurricane Kick-> vertical jumping Short-> crouch cancelled vertical jumping Jab-> falling jumping Short-> [crouch cancelled jumping Strong] x N

Player 2 Infinite
VC1: From a corner [standing Fierce-> whiffed Hadouken] x N sequence-> far standing Fierce-> whiffed Seichunidantsuki (T+Fierce)-> shadow Seichunidantsuki hits-> vertical jumping Short-> crouch cancelled vertical jumping Jab-> falling jumping Short-> crouch cancelled jumping Forward (crosses up)-> [crouch cancelled jumping Strong-> crouch cancelled vertical jumping Forward] x N

Inflation Loop. Initiate Inflation by having the opponent block 33 hits in a row (for V-Cody, 36 hits)
VC1: Hadou Rave-> till Guard Crush-> Hadouken X N-> crouching Roundhouse-> [a safe
jump Fierce-> B+Roundhouse-> Guard Crush-> crouching Roundhouse] x N


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