Vid Game Adaptations & Reboots

I have SMB on DVD. I showed it to friend of mine who is a big Nintendo fan that never saw it back when it first came out - he apparently still hasn’t forgiven me for doing that (though I consider it sweet revenge for him showing me the Star Wars X-Mas Special).

P.S. Street Fighter the Movie is the shit. It’s definitely aged better than MK. Thanks to Raul Julia, no one can ever, properly portray M. Bison in a live action movie again. Raul is just that godlike.

The RE movies are dog shit. I have no idea why they keep making money.

Street Fighter: The Movie is the best, because if your only options are to play dumb or be dumb for real, you’re better off playing dumb.

Max Payne convinced me that movies are in a state of inexorable decline.

I would have loved to see this movie been made

im sold. ill check it out.

I love Sam Neil in EH tho. Also frame-by-frame viewing of the original crew footage is so sick for the gorehounds out there


I did a few vids a while ago:

Max Nostalgia: -Finale with Commentary- Which Games need a Next Gen Release, Reboot or Update

game footage


part 1

part 2

Yeah the RE movies are ass. Fuck hollywood. 1 was decent up until Mila got some powerup shit and became a super soldier.

The Resident Evil movies are basically like a bad fanfic you would read about Resident Evil, complete with a Mary Sue

Yea nothing like watching the guys you play as in the games getting shown up by some stupid Mary Sue slut. I so wanted to see Jill get shown up by some bitch who isn’t even in the fucking games.

I’ve read erotic manga starring Jill getting raped by zombies that’s infinitely more interesting than the plot of the RE movies.

ha never heard the term Mary Sue before. how delightfully apt!

ty SRK

A FF6 sequel series by the dudes what made JLU.

I remember a while ago hearing they were making a Call Of Duty movie…How exactly would that be distinguishable from any other military/war movie? COD doesn’t exactly have the most memorable story or anything