Vid of Dreams (also as seen at evo:)


This is a big SF compilation combo vid. Split up into 3 parts (with some random crap inbetween). There’s a big section on all the arcade versions, from WW to ST. A SNES section and then a section dedicated to rainbow edition. It runs about 15 mins and is full of stupid editing.

Though I’m going to do a big write up on the specifics I’m pretty sure some of these glitches/combos are new. The thing I’m most excited about is the floaty combos in section 1. Remember that they are all done on legit arcade versions and they can be done on all popular console verions of every SF2 game.

anyway here it is

and here’s a little leftovers video (featuring HnK, 3s and a bit of CvS2)

and if anyone missed them here are the 2 trailers I did ages ago


2 (streaming)

any and all feedback is appreciated. Hope peeps enjoy it :slight_smile:

Oh yeah and it’s called SF movie vol. 2 because the Ken v Gief trilogy was Vol. 1. Also there’s a few alterations and additions over the version that was shown at evo. I’d just like to give a huge thanks to jchensor, Mr. Wizard and everyone at evo for allowing it to be shown, just gutted I couldn’t be there myself :frowning:


Good shit man! Loved it…


Niiice! Very nice. There were some really creative editing tricks in there. 10/10, no doubt. :wgrin:


Desk vids make me think old jchensor and slimx. Please, don’t stop making videos. We need more videos like these!


thanks muchly :slight_smile:

updated with leftovers vid. With HnK, CvS2 and 3s.


Very nice work, Desk. The editing is superb. Effects were used in just the right amount to keep things interesting without becoming too flashy or overshadowing the gameplay itself.


yeah i agree with felineki. the only effect i didnt like was the blurring you used on some of the rainbow edition combos but it’s not a big deal really. awesome work!


omg i gotta know the song in the “not hardcore” video! that’s goin in my marvel mix! :smiley:


It’s the theme from ‘police story’, as sung by Mr. Jackie Chan.


Heh, my guesses were old chinese wire movie or chinese fist of the north star localization. Thankya kindly sir!


The effects I liked most were in the SNES section, where the characters were placed in the stage and then jumped into action. Also the use of layers was excelent (particually in the intro), it’s no wonder this video took so long to make. Time well spent if you ask me…


This video is top quality!!


i wish i could get the song that plays in the third part for rainbow edition. :frowning:


That vid there is some top tier editing for sure. And LOL at all the float combos and MK-like juggle combos on CE Dhalsim.


Hahaha i just noticed the random bicycle rider from your trailer in the intro of this video at 0:22. Nice touch.


This video is truly incredible. Fantastic editing with a lot of stuff I’ve never seen before. I really liked the music, and it was pretty awesome when the beat/whatever was in sync with what was happening on screen, heh. Awesome.


thank you kindly. Yeah I always make an effort to sync stuff. In fact I’m pretty sure every single edit (that isn’t a fade) is in time with the music. And yeah maj, that bicyicle guy from the trailer was a little easter egg, lol. I spend TOO much time on my videos!

I’m currently setting up a little webpage with my good friends at So i’ll be doing write ups on some of the combo’s and glitches pretty soon. I’ve just finished a little tutorial on the float glitch actually, so hopefully that’ll go on the page aswell.

Oh yeah, and I made the front page of SRK! I’m so proud:rofl:

… along with everyone else who premiered vids at EVO:annoy: lol.


you are edit wizard!


^^You’re sig is top tier!


Ok I’m trying to get the video, But every time I click the link. It takes me to a page full of question marks? What am I doing wrong?