Vid of me playing Yang

Are in the main video thread.

Commentary here. More vids to come later I guess.

post vids there^^^

Im not a yang player…but i know the general of yang…and you had plenty of mantis :tup:

I think he is looking for Yang specific advice, and in that case, I’d say its appropriate to post your videos here.

Fuck it. I’m just going to post em here. More Yang players need to post vids of themselves so we can all learn.

I’m still learning camera angles and shit so don’t complain about the camera work lol. I’m learning dammit!

Anyway here.


One from the other day, shouldn’t have won.


Pretty okayish match by me.


A six game set I did against a friend of mine a while back. I had no idea what I was doing with SA3 and I was still getting the timing down for the air chain. However I like these matches and there is fun commentary by alot of people including me, Deviljin 01, and many others.


Another match with fun combos in the second and third rounds.

What strength slashes did you use to juggle Chun at the end of the second round? I’ve never seen that done before.

It goes hard, light, hard, light, Hard, light