"Videi-gin!" Yun Video Thread

More Daigo was going to post the stream last night but I kinda forgot.




MDR destroying


*Daigo Umehara’s Yun: [media=youtube]TPQIxb8GUEM&feature=player_embedded[/media]




I will update this thread periodically with “top” player videos! PM me if I miss anything!





First day games!

You guys are on this quick! I just woke up and you’ve updated it! Good that we’re working together!

Sorry for the late update and not being able to stay with this. My last day of being busy will be tomorrow! Thanks to all for the contributions as well!!


Joe Lau looks decent.

A-cho time!

Shoryuken - A-Cho - 45 Minute Videos of Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition - Direct Feed, Parts 1 and 2

21k BP unknown

Please oh please actually update this thread, don’t let it be useless within 6 months.

I will :slight_smile: starting tonight/tomorrow with the stream and uploads to youtube!

You should link the stream in the first post

I will when a link becomes readily available. Nothing that I can see yet.

nice thread keep it up and in good shape!

In on this.


I was hoping to see some actual AE released footage, not stuff we have seen 3 months ago

I’ve been refreshing the page ever 3-4 hours. I even set my alarm to update this thread and nothing thus far.

I hear you! I am at work just refreshing praying for some videos. I just knew when I woke up this morning I would have all kinds of video to watch! Seems Daigo is killing with yun, I hope someone is recording him!

these players except the one in the guile video are garbage -_-

these players except the one in the guile video are garbage -_-

So I read on front page Daigo played yun and he says yun and yang will be some of the best characters. I can’t wait to see vids of Daigo playing yun and yang.

Also wassup yun forum!!! Finally they made one lol

hi, i actually plan to help out this forum a lot now yun has been added instead of troll srk

Can’t wait for this :slight_smile:

Need to see footage so badly. I MUST see Daigo’s Yun. I hope it’s as beast as Tokido says.

Genei gin and tonic.

Yea Daigo and any character = Great video footage!

im so anxious to try these guys out