"Videi-gin!" Yun Video Thread


  1. Daigo Umehara (Yun) ? 16,067 BP, 89% win rate
  2. Matsugoro (Dudley) ? 13,145 BP, 86% win rate
  3. aka jojo (M.Bison) ? 11,828 BP, 84% win rate
  4. opa (Balrog) ? 11,565 BP, 90% win rate
  5. Simba (Abel) ? 11,321 BP, 93% win rate

We’d better get some videos soon!


All this news of Daigo’s apparently sick Yun is making the wait for videos unbearable!


look at that motherfucker. I swear that AE HAS to have different points system than ranked.


Yeah it does, you do get more points in arcades. Mago had about 600k in vanilla.
I believe it’s about 60 games up to get Daigo’s points.


Why everyone’s sticking to there mains and not trying out yun is pretty annoying I just wanna see some daigo yun footage man


If it was a new game I would stick to Fuerte because it’s the first day and I don’t want to lose and go back to the end of the line and wait an hour to play again. I have no idea why there’s no Daigo footage but I bet the first footage of Daigo will be 0.01 megapixel cell phone camera, really shaky, and only 10 seconds lol


I need to see this.
Beast and gin.


great… 2 pages and still no vids -_- WTF man, wasnt there supposed to be some sort of all day stream going on?


When Arcade UFO in Austin gets it like tomorrow or Saturday IIRC


Some japanese utube page was supposed to be uploading vids but nothing as of now… I can understand being hyped but not recording footage for others O.o come on man


zzzz waiting for top tier yun vid. maybe Daigo’s yun.


Punisher has a lot of new vids up including Yun ones.

Srk article here
Shoryuken - Punisherrr Uploads Tons of Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition Footage

Youtube link is in there. Enjoy^^


Nice, there’s a lot of footage there.


[media=youtube]llHsVAnOhI8[/media] - Yun vs Seth
[media=youtube]m6Es1qwusls[/media] - Yun vs Dudley
[media=youtube]ZCRsZ6xnujk[/media] - Yun vs Guile
[media=youtube]uQmQZ91z2D8[/media] - Yun vs Chun


Awesome thanks.
Two more.


from what im seeing Yun is going to be beast that palm move has alot of active frames and rapes limbs


EX Rush Punch into Full Ultra? Wow. Straight from a BnB, one bar.

[media=youtube]llHsVAnOhI8[/media] 0:53


Looks corner only, but that’s always nice :smiley:


Lol yea corner only, but considering he started the combo from not-quite midscreen, that’s an accomplishment. The push from Lunge Punch makes this nearly universal.


if u hit a bnb into ex rush ur most likely to put them in the corner from a lil more then the middle of the stage